Many consider black curtains or draperies an unusual choice for window treatments. However, when you use the black colored curtains the right way, it can look visually appealing and uplift the entire décor of the room.

Alternatively, you will get many varieties when it comes to black draperies, for instance, black transparent curtains Perth, black-colored blackout draperies and more. But if you are confused about how you can make the best use of black curtains then we are here to help you out.


You can create a warm and inviting ambience using black draperies but most of all your draperies will be the showstopper of your home décor. Nothing looks more pleasing than a neutral colored wall and black colored high-quality curtains.

Similar to such complementary styles, we will be enumerating some ideal ways to use black curtains or draperies in your home. Keep reading more to find out.

1. Neutral colored rooms

As mentioned earlier, neutral colored walls go perfectly well with black colored window treatments. The black color draperies will be fittingly contrasting with the neutral toned walls and complementing furniture pieces.

The black colored curtains create compelling focal points and bring in a suitable pop of color in all neutral toned rooms. The choice of draperies wraps up the entire space which looks both timeless and versatile.

Not just that, if you have some wall hangings and wall art then the black colored curtains allow them to shine through without overpowering it’s presence throughout the room décor.

2. Black sheer drapery

If you have a contemporary, industrial or minimalistic style for room décor then the use of black sheer draperies or black transparent curtains Perth would be perfect. As soon as sheer draperies are mentioned, our minds immediately go for white or off-white colored sheers.

However, sheer draperies are available in many different colors, shades and fabrics that gives you a wider spectrum to create aesthetic and unique room décor. For instance, use of sheer black draperies can do wonders when they are used in the ideal setting.

In an industrial or contemporary style décor, the use of black sheers looks extremely fitting as it essentially filters the light coming through the window and the color of the sheers creates a glowing edge around the window.

3. Large home areas

The color black is dramatic and therefore, black draperies look extremely flattering in a large spaced area or room. The draperies fit just right in the airy and spacious interiors without creating any overwhelming element to the setting.

Double-height or two-storied windows in a large space such as living room or dining room, can be perfect for the use of black draperies. Alternatively, if you have an open floor plan then the black curtains can be used to delineate the spaces. At the same time, they will be creating an outstanding backdrop for the purpose of separating areas.

If you have a living room that is designed in such a way that it has a glass door connecting it with the outdoor patio then the black draperies does the ideal job of separating the two areas, meanwhile, offering ample privacy to the indoor space area.

4. Balance the light & dark

Using the black draperies with light and airy neutral toned sheers would create an amazing décor for contemporary style bedrooms. This combination gives off a classy and upscale vibe which also looks aesthetically pleasing.

The sheers can be placed closest to the window while the black draperies can be drawn on each side to allow filtered soft light from outside to enter your bedroom. While at night, you can close the black draperies to have privacy.

You can also go for heavy black draperies so that they can do the job of insulating your room during the cold days. The balance between light and dark can be ideally created with the use of black draperies and neutral toned sheer curtains.


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