5 Top 2021 Trends in Enterprise Software Development


A rough and tough 2020 year ended recently and the industry has already started asking about the trends in enterprise software development that will shape the ongoing 2021 year. For any business working with software technologies in their daily business activities know that a quality software application is vital for the success of the business. For that reason, businesses are shifting focus from traditional software applications to more enterprise-grade applications to boost their business. The growth and advancements in software technology is further fueling the innovation and digital strategies of most modern businesses nowadays.

In order to remain competitive, businesses are increasingly implementing enterprise applications to streamline their business operations. As a result, the demand for enterprise software development services has skyrocketed.

But where exactly is enterprise application software development heading for in 2021? Let’s find out through the most developing trends of this year.

What is Enterprise Software

Enterprise software or also known as enterprise application software, is regarded by many as any computer software that is meant to fulfil the needs of an organization, rather than of individual stakeholders or users. Accordingly, enterprise software development would be considered as a development practice associated with the creation, design and development of software meant to be used by organizations for their own particular business needs.

How 2020 Shaped the Enterprise Software Development Scene

Most of the 2020 year went by in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, which left no business or industry unaffected by its consequences. The pandemic basically crippled the entire world economy to its knees, leaving millions of people all over the world curfewed in their homes. Personal mobility became a luxury and group activities became a punishable offence in some countries. The use of public contact was heavily discouraged and social distancing became the new normal. Leaving many people in inconvenient situations and their social and mental health’s affected.

Where there was so much uncertainty, there was also much needed light and that was through digital services. With people and businesses facing difficulties in their daily lives, innovation through technology was the only way to go. The pandemic emphasized the importance of digital transformations and the need for basic and enterprise grade software for businesses. With many companies lacking in-house capacity to develop such software applications, businesses realized outsourcing some or most of their application development needs to specialized technology partners was the way forward. Software and enterprise applications that facilitate or provide a medium of remote contact and or consultations were the highlights of custom software development during the period. The pandemic highlighted the importance of IT solutions in general across all industries where each organization could use software development according to its needs. These needs could be both an organization’s internal processes and client-facing services.

5 Trends in Enterprise Software Development to Know

Native and Progressive Apps

One of the most developing trends is the use of native apps in enterprise software development. Considering the growing numbers of mobile users across the world, the need to have an effective mobile application is of crucial importance for most modern businesses. In order to target these mobile users, businesses have to reach out to them through one of the most common platforms that is iOS and Android. The idea is to develop brand image and connect with consumers more personally and provide great customer experience all together.

Increase use of Artificial Intelligence

Goes without saying, the use of Artificial Intelligence will only increase as time goes on. Regardless of the industry that implements it, the monetary and service-level advantages it brings to the playing field outweigh any upfront cost to companies implementing costly AI-based solutions. Artificial Intelligence allows software to identify anomalies earlier and provide or even take the necessary course of action for remediation. Provides an excellent way to process raw data in extremely smart fashion that can be used by a business for vital insights.

Agile Developments

More and more businesses will manage enterprise software development through agile methods and practices. Enterprise software development is a risky and high-stake project, where the margin for error is minimal. In order to reach sprint milestones, continuous delivery of software is maintained with frequent revisions of the code, becoming more refined each time and reducing errors. Because of that, enterprise applications can be deployed much faster than their non-agile counterparts

Cloud Computing 

Enterprise software is typically used to perform key business functions involving data of high value, which can be related to the customer, the company’s financials, and or product related information. Most SaaS based enterprise software providers leverage cloud computing for their services to keep data secure and provide uninterrupted services. As cloud technologies advance further and robust new security measures continue to develop, this is one the top enterprise software trends of 2021.

Minimal Code Development

There is an increasing trend to develop software applications with minimal usage of actual code and leave the majority to be done by drag and drop editors. While not necessarily something too major but significant enough to be considered as a growing trend of 2021, where more and more enterprise applications are being developed by smaller tech companies or individual developers. The idea behind such an approach is to save on costs, which end up reflecting on the final cost of the product.


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