A Detailed Guide To Design Chic And Custom Lipstick Boxes


In the race of introducing new cosmetic products, many inventions come into the market every day, but no one competes with lipstick. Although people choose liquid lipsticks, matte lipsticks, lip plumper, lip glosses, shiners, and many more, no one can decrease the demand for bullet lipsticks. So, to make a place in the industry, lipstick brands use high customized lipstick boxes to pack their products.


The Recent Norms To Design Custom Lipstick Boxes 

In recent days, all brands want to allow durable and mesmerizing packaging for fragile lipstick holders to ensure the security of inside packaged content. Also, it has become the essential chunk for manufactures to design lipstick boxes. Nowadays, most brands use custom lipstick boxes that are perfectly designed and grasp the attention of lipstick lovers. Such boxes are secure, superlative, and best provide a presentation of your products in the industry. Let see why brand opting such sorts of packaging.

Why Do Brands Need Customized Lipstick Packaging Boxes? 

Lipstick manufacturers use such sorts of lipstick boxes due to several reasons. These boxes have multiple choices to craft your lipstick boxes that break the usual to stand out in the shelves and counters of cosmetic retailers. Custom lipstick boxes are available in various sizes, styles, and shapes to make your lipstick most wanted for your target audiences in the industry. Customization of lipstick cases provides an opportunity for the brand owner to add their imagination in the designing process with packaging experts. The expert’s suggestion is to help to remove errors and mistakes from your lipstick boxes and make them seamless for wholesale lipstick packaging boxes.

Steps To Make A Pro Lipstick Packaging

Now it’s time to jump into the detail of a complete step-by-step guide to designs your perfect custom lipstick packaging. The top lipstick brands of the USA consider all the chunks to make your packaging boxes appealing. Here is the list of Top brands of the USA that offers quality lipsticks and their packaging to rule on people’s hearts.

  • Chanel
  • Giorgio Armani
  • A.C cosmetics
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • NARS
  • Stila Cosmetics
  • Smash box
  • Dior
  • Fenty Beauty
  • Victoria Beckham

Find Your Ideal Customers

The most initial thing that every person consider in the first step is to gather the requirement and need of your products. In this regard, you need to recognize the wishes and desires of your target people as a top priority while designing your lipstick boxes. And, this step you can do by taking interview and analysis on the recent demand of people. Basically, you need to find the answer to the enlisting below question.

  • Define your target audiences.
  • For what they are searching for in the perfect and customized lipstick packaging boxes?
  • What elements work to grasp the customer’s attention?

So, do your research and take a tour of different cosmetic retailers to know to understand the answers to the above questions.

Choose The Exact Lipstick Boxes Size 

After doing your research, it’s time to decide the number of lipstick bullets and liquid substances you want to sell. Then, you can order plastic or sensitive holders to fill the lipstick. And, lastly, you need to choose a custom size for your lipstick as per your need and keep the margin to add the cardboard inserts and fillings in the box. Next to this, choose the perfect sizes of a lipstick packaging box that do not reduce extra noise in the handling process at cosmetic retailer shops and warehouses.

Pick A Secure And Pleasant Style For Lipstick Boxes 

Now next step is to choose the pleasant, user-friendly, and easy to unbox lipstick packaging for your products. You need to find the best style for your lipsticks that provide security to your lipstick as well as display your inside products in front of your users.

In this regard, you can use PVC window cut-outs in the lipstick packaging boxes. Such cartons work best as display lipstick packaging boxes at cosmetic retailers to provide product transparency. Therefore, you can use a single-sided window and a double-sided window on the box. Here is the list of some more structural styles of lipstick cases that give an idea to make them more competitive.

  • Sealed boxes
  • Straight tuck end
  • 2-piece cylindrical boxes
  • Coopered lid box
  • Sleeve boxes

Annexation Of Esthetic And Awesome 3D Deigns On Lipstick Boxes 

The next step is to choose the adorned designs patterns with 3D effects for your unique lipstick packaging boxes. The application’s attractive designs grab the attention of lipstick lovers at first glance. Moreover, while choosing lipstick designs for your boxes, don’t print overloaded content on the box. You can use various themes that you can use with a 3D printing effect.

  • Intricate lines design
  • Abstract design
  • Geometrical design
  • Symmetrical design
  • Floral design
  • Add old vintage look with gold foil

Chose Reliable Printing Method For Printed Lipstick Boxes 

In your first attempts, choose reliable and best printing types; instead, you can switch after a few times another type of printing to improve quality. Commonly, in the packaging industry, offset, digital, screen, and flexographic are most common. But offset printing is best to print a large number of boxes in a short time by choosing a perfect color combination of CMYK and PMS. Plus, this type of printing is a cost-effective way for printed lipstick boxes.

Play With Colours For Choosing The Best One For Your Lipsticks Cases

Take help from your research and finalize the color that you can use for your brand specifications, lipstick packaging, and logo. So, play with color to choose the desired look for your lipstick cases. If you want to give a bold look to your wholesale lipstick boxes, then you need to choose maroon, black, plum, brown, red, and blue. On the other hand, if you love light, descent, and sleek look, then you can pick dull gold, white, soft pink, silver, gunmetal, and tea pink color. Furthermore, you can pick the color in contrast and light or dark shades of the same color.

Display Your Brand’s Values With Printed Lipstick Packaging 

Every brand has some ideology and reason behind its existence. So, properly used your printed lipstick packaging to explain your values. For this purpose, you can print taglines, slogans, and other messages on the lipstick boxes with catchy and themed color that you follow for packaging.

Give Final And Royal Touch With Additional Add-Ons 

The use of additional add-ons makes your box esthetic and appealing for your target audiences. In this regard, lipstick packaging suppliers offer an additional add-on to increase the beautification of your lipstick cases. Therefore, the brand use embossing, debossing and gold foiling on lipstick cartons. Embossing gives raised look to your unique lipstick box design as compared to debossing provides a sunken look to make your brands distinctive in the industry.

Luxuries Lipstick Boxes With Eva Foam Insertion

The use of EVA foam is also required to make your lipstick boxes astonishing and secure. Now many brands use EVA foam to place in your lipstick packaging containers decently. However, eva foam is available in various sizes as per the demand of the clients. So, give a luxurious look to your lipsticks by using quality Eva foam in lipstick boxes.

Opt Custom A Copyrighted Font Style For Lipstick Packaging 

As a newbie, you need to use copyrighted and customized font styles for your lipstick. By using a custom font style, you are able to make your existence on the pool of competitors. Add to this; no one claims that you can copy their font style and size to print the box. Customized font styles are available in various sizes, so you can choose according to your requirement. Font styles are relay under two major terms, serif and san serif, but they are available in versatile sizes.

Wrapping Up Discussions

The use of custom lipstick boxes solutions is not just ordinary things; rather, these are beneficial to grow your business. Plus, the use of authentic and superlative information helps you to stand out in the pool of clusters. Moreover, the decent choice of colors for lipstick cartons increases customers’ engaging power, which is good to increase your sales ratio. You can choose a 3D printing effect for illustrative design, additional add-on, and print the right information to promote your brand values among people by using sublime lipstick cartons. Now it’s all up to you what you can use and afford to give an opulent look to your lipstick boxes.


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