It might be one of your most treasured memories. The chances of having a smooth ride are not always good. Pre-ride prep is crucial. It might not suffice to have enough warm clothes, water, food, and clothing for a long ride.

Before you hop on your motorcycle to take your next adventure, here are five things you must remember.

Flat tires are the worst.

It might not be necessary to have a phone, a credit card, or a roadside help plan. Sometimes, it might be difficult to navigate an interior of a building without the help of roadside assistance. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have a primary backup plan.

An emergency repair kit is a great way to add mileage and handle any situation before you have to fix it later. This is particularly important for dangerous areas encountered during a trip.

A flat tire repair is easy if you have the right equipment. This is where a consolidated kit of repair tools comes in handy. If you have tubeless tires, be sure to keep a plug kit that contains components such as rubber cement.

For tires with inner tubes, it is wise to keep a spare and tools to lift the bike or remove the tire. A patch kit can be handy if the tube has a small tear. Once the tube is replaced or the patch kit installed, you will need a way to inflate your tire. You can use compressed CO2 cartridges or a foot powered pump.

It is important that you remember that any solution other than replacing your inner tube is temporary. You should go to a mechanic immediately to have it fixed permanently.

First aid supplies

Motorcyclists face many challenges when traveling. Important to ensure that you have enough space in your bag for all essential medications. The kit can contain small bandages and antibiotics as well as an over-the-counter pain medicine. You can reduce your skin exposure by wearing the right riding gear. Even though tinted sun visors are effective, sensitive skin such as the nose can be easily burned. It is worth investing in a tube of sunscreen. You may experience irritation if you live in a dry, hot, or dusty environment. Certain eye drops can help soothe your irritation.

It’s a given that one should always have any prescription medication.

Spare Key

One of the most frustrating things is losing your key. Calling roadside assistance can help you, but it may take up half your day. Roadside assistance isn’t easy in India, it should be obvious.

Your peace of mind can be achieved by attaching your spare keys to the insides of your bike or zip-tying them to a hidden place in your car. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary hassle and let you get on the roads with little time loss.

Other spares

It might not be sufficient to have a spare key. It is important to have a spare key in case of an unexpected failure or damage. You might need spare gloves, earbuds, and helmet visors in case of emergency. Always have a spare.

Attitude of a Traveller

Sometimes a ride may not be as planned. You should have an open mind and be willing to accept any road detours that may come your way. A ten-day trip planned with specific kilometre numbers and marked hotels can often result in disappointment. Being open to some flexibility or changes in plans can help reduce stress. But, it all depends on the mindset and the effectiveness of the blog sub-part.


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