Modern society has made movies one of the most influential forces. Movies are a powerful tool for educating and setting new trends. Since the 1890s’ discovery of the motion picture, movies are a visual representation of human evolution. Roger Ebert is the Pulitzer Prize winner film critic and this quote speaks to the movie productions that are intended for entertainment.

“We live inside a box of time, space, and space. Movies are like windows into another mind. We can identify with them, and also see the world differently.

Roger Ebert

Roger once said that art is our closest way to understanding the emotions of strangers. And movies, as an amalgamation of audio and visual forms of art, create a sophisticated and complex form of art. Movies have an unmistakable influence on our thoughts. The movie that we watch in the cinema leaves us with certain thoughts. As we go about our day, we forget to consider the emotional and social aspects that make us humane. The world we live in is filled with so many colours and human variations, but we forget to enjoy and appreciate them all while being busy with our daily obligations.

This is why movies are such a great reminder of who we are and what we have. Let’s just take the movie “Forrest Gump”, for example. It shows the innocence and drive of a guy who can make something of himself despite all of his faults. Or the newer ones, “Happy thank you more please”, that depicts characters similar to those in our local neighbourhood. The characters from the reel world don’t differ from the people in our real world. They face the same challenges as us. Movies can help us look at life from different perspectives.

Let’s consider both old classic movies and historical period movies. These films are a reminder of what life was like in days gone past. They can be a source of reminiscence and nostalgia for us ordinary folk. There are movies like “Blade Runner” and others that offer a glimpse into the future. And some make us smile and laugh. Movies have a strong influence on our actions and thoughts.

Few things aren’t good about every little thing.

Movies as technology have evolved from being a simple collection and fast-moving pictures to become a complex industry. Movies have become an integral part of our daily lives due to their growing popularity. Movies are always a topic of discussion, whether in a casual conversation with friends or on the daily news. Movies as a whole are listed as an informal source for education, although they are used primarily as entertainment. 

Many people find that movies are more educational than any other source of information, even though it may sound exaggerated. Many underdeveloped countries use TV and movies as a means of educating their population to promote social reforms and general change. While it is true that there is a huge number of movies available, this could be detrimental as not all movies represent the same humane values.

Movies that fall into the categories of biopics and historical drama are often criticized because they take liberties with historical facts. They are accused of manipulating events to make compelling movies. “Pearl Harbor” is one such movie, which has been criticized. It is both disgraceful and inexcusable that filmmakers would take liberties with historical subject matters. This leads to gullible people believing a fictional story to be true. Some movies fall under the category of action or horror and are criticized because they contain violent content. 

Quentin Tarantino and Anurag Kashyap are two examples of directors who have logical reasons for such violent content. Regardless of their rational explanations, it is not hard to see how violence exposure may lead to personality disorders in children or other receptive populations. To reduce such adverse effects, there are proper processes to identify and allot a movie’s category before it is released. Their presence is not enough.

Movies Are Stupid

“The point isn’t to avoid all Stupid Movies. However, it is to avoid becoming a Stupid Moviegoer. This can be difficult.” -Roger Ebert

Sometimes movies are called a “stupid waste of money”. While this is true, it’s not a valid opinion. However, there are millions upon millions of movies that are part of a specific genre. Although not all of these movies deserve our attention, they are not all bad. We have to make sure that we choose the right movie. Every person has a different choice when it comes to movies. Each genre is targeted to a specific audience.

Every piece of art is subjected to individual interpretation. Movies are no exception. Each movie is just like every other art. Every movie has its perspective and agenda. Movies are among the most expressive arts. As such, they can reach a vast audience without prejudice based on age, gender, or location. This allows filmmakers to reach a vast audience and impress them with their ideas. However, the viewer must choose the right film.

Connecting with a Movie

Undirected movies are disasters. It is usually the director who decides the tone and content of the movie. A director can create a masterpiece that resonates in our lives and minds by working together with his colleagues. When this happens, we can be pulled into a new world. This is the true joy of watching movies. Without that, it would be a wasteful use of your time.

Many factors can affect the movie’s connection with its audience. The Room, a 2003 independent movie, is an example. Tommy Wiseau produced the movie and also directed it. The movie was not well received by critics, but it did great business. There are DC movies such as “Suicide Squad”, or “Justice League”, that despite being blasted by critics, continue to earn big bucks. DC comics’ fans are very fond of DC comics’ subject matter.

Movies are now an integral part of our everyday lives. It could even be a form of social activity, where we all can have a great time. This industry is also one that has the most significant influence. It employs a large number of people. The topic of socioeconomic influence is a different article. However, movies are now one of the most common social activities. You could categorize a movie as good and bad, but cinema is an art form.


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