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An introduction to Sandhan Valley trek

Before embarking on the thrilling adventure, there is one item that must be carried by any trekker i.e. bag with knowledge about the area and information about the trek

Sandhan Valley trek is sometimes referred to in the form of Valley of Shadows as the sunlight is unable to find a path to reach the ravines. It is situated at the foot of the Sahyadri Mountains. The stunning cutting of the rocks make the trek an exciting and challenging one. After the trek is completed, the person who has completed the trek receives a memento of happiness and a certification of success. The adventure doesn’t end at this point. Through this thrilling trek, the participants can enjoy the starry and shining night with their friends, bonfires, rock climbing, bonfires and more.

The hiker should be aware of the exact place of origin. It is situated near Samrad Village, Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. The hiker should be sure to tighten their pants because the gorge is approximately 2 km long. It will take approximately 5 hours in order to finish the journey if the bag of joy does not be emptied.

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When the trekker is able to know about the place and the exact time to trek The trekker should have an idea of the ideal timing for hiking. As we all are aware, there is no room for boredom in the world of enjoyment and excitement. The time of trekking must be in line with these requirements. The best time to go is any time to make your trek one that is a more thrilling and memorable experience, excluding the summer time.

Imagine you’re on the trail in awe, but you end up in the humid and hot surroundings. When you’re thinking about this excitement, it will fade into dullness and you’ll only be left with the memories of exhaustion. If you don’t intend to change this dream into reality, it is important to prepare your bag with the right items for monsoons and autumn or winter.

The trekker needs to know the mode of transportation to reach the destination. If the trekker doesn’t intend to be exhausted, the trekker should take to trains. If the person is looking to have fun throughout the journey, they should opt for a self-drive automobile. If the traveler seeks to make more memories and experiences, then the trekker should opt for a jeep and bus because they will have the opportunity to interact with more people and create new memories. For every mode of transportation there’s a different route to get to the valley. And to reach the valley, one must travel to the Samrad Village.

Everybody loves food. Thus, trekkers should be aware about the restaurant. In the event that there’s a lot of trekkers, your tour guide will supply food for you. If the trekker is an individual trek, the trekker should not be concerned as the people living in Samrad village will supply plenty of fresh food. Fill your stomach until you are full prior to your trek.

Everybody is looking forward to excitement however, they are bound to encounter the costs. The cost of expenses can be calculated using the cost of food, travel, accommodation and trekking packages.

If the trekker is looking to spend less , but would like to be able to enjoy the trip, the best choice is to take a jeep and bus. If the budget of the trekker is able to support approx. 1500, then the train should be chosen. If the budget is able to afford more, then a self-drive vehicle is ideal.

Food expenses will be dependent on the amount of dry food that the trekker takes.

Attractions worth visiting include Ratangad Fort, Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls, Bhandardara attractions, Igatpuri tourist attractions.

The locals have a golden heart that will be welcoming those who trek to join them. This will relieve the trekker as there aren’t hotels.

Now let’s shed some clarity on this direction.

The trek will begin in Samrad. The trekker must have these things to make the journey to create pleasant and unforgettable memories.

Here are some items that are required to be carried

  1. Cameras for capturing your most gorgeous moments.
  2. You should have a pair of footwear that is sufficient, to be a major factor in helping you arrive at your destination.
  3. Rope ladder for a ride to the memories you’ll make.
  4. A DJ to dance around the bonfire to turn the evening into an even more memorable one.
  5. What you consider to be important are essential and should be taken with you on treks.
  6. The wallet is full of tickets to your travel experiences.
  7. Power bank for charging your memory.
  8. Drink enough water to safeguard yourself from dehydration, as the water on the trail isn’t as pure.
  9. Keep energy bars on hand along with mosquito repellents and a jacket to shield yourself from the elements.
  10. Make sure you have enough food in your back-up plan in case of an emergency.

You must be aware of the items you require to keep in mind some safety rules.

  1. The first-time trekkers should never go without an experienced guide.
  2. It is not recommended to trek when you have a medical issue.
  3. Make sure you have portable toilets since there are no toilets.

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