Custom mailer boxes have become an important form of gifting to maintain safe and secure delicate items. The customized envelopes and packing peanuts play a vital part in this excellent gifting method. It is very important for users that custom packaging should also reflect its uniqueness. For this, there are several ways to get a unique and exclusive look in packaging.

Custom Mailer Boxes Printed

First of all, it is always preferable that you get your custom mailer boxes printed with full color CMYK. This will make the printed box look much more appealing as compared to plain CMYK. Most reputed and top-quality printing companies provide full color printing services at affordable prices.

Lighter in Weight

The mail boxes are used to transport different objects because they are easy to carry. Mail Boxes are not only used in factories or warehouses, but also used by people who want send gifts or valuable things to their loved ones and friends. The most important benefit of being weightless is that the weight of the box is not charged in the shipment cost.

Safe Transport

The cardboard boxes for packaging manufacturers customize the boxes according to the shape and size of the product, which has to be shipped. Mail boxes are used for safe transport your products and goods, so that you do not have to worry about any damage to your products in the middle of the journey. Custom mail boxes are made with a material which suits your needs. Mail Boxes are robust and sturdy design to protect the objects from any damage.

No External Packaging

If you want to send some gifts or any special thing to your family or friends, you do not need any additional fancy packaging on the exterior. cardboard box packaging design are customized to your preferred or recommended designs; Therefore, you do not need fancy wrappings and packaging.


Everybody can afford these mail boxes as they have a moderately low-price range, which is the most significant benefit of these custom mail boxes. The price may vary with the material used by the cardboard boxes for packaging manufacturers.

Available in all Sizes and Shapes

The best advantage of mail boxes is that they are offered in numerous sizes and shapes. Just let your dealers will know about the cardboard box packaging design and the size of the items you need to ship. Your preferred design with your mention material will be delivered at your doorstep with all the requirements fulfilled.


Mail boxes are eco-friendly as well as harmless for nature and natural inhabitants in the present era of global warming. The mail boxes are made from eco-friendly as well as non-toxic materials.

Easy to Label

Custom mail boxes are modified in such a way that all the required and compulsory information is written on the mail box. Mail Boxes are more suitable for labelling purposes and box top advertising.

Swift Printing

Swift printing is the best benefit for companies in business mail boxes; You can print anything on a mail box as per your customer demand. Everything with the mail box is much more organized and clearer.

Customize your own

You can design your custom mail boxes at any moment. You can add your desired color, with your desired design, in your preferred print, and your selected shape. You can also direct your seller about the material you require for your mail boxes.


Apart from its striking beauty, it is also essential for you to make sure that the color of the custom mailer boxes is not fluorescent. Fluorescent color tend to fade away very quickly and destroy the aesthetic value of the printed box. Hence, you should opt for matte rather than fluorescent color for your printed mailer box. A lot of online printing companies provide different styles and range of printed mailers in different shapes and sizes for all your mailing purposes.


In addition, you can also have custom boxes with embossed designs. Most of the online printing companies offer a large range of embossed patterns for free. These embossed patterns look exceptionally attractive and lend a unique appeal to the printed mailer boxes. You can choose from various motifs such as floral, zebra, heart, and etc. You can also add a personal touch by using your logo or message.

Design Sketch Packages

Another option for your custom mails is to avail the facility of free design sketch packages offered by some of the reputed online printing companies at wholesale prices. These free design sketch packages enable you to make a sketch of the box on your own and get the required measurements of the box through email. With the help of the email address, you can select the dimensions and the quantity price of the box that you require and get it delivered to you at the desired location.

Wholesale Prices

Wholesale prices of the custom mailer boxes can be compared, before you place an order for it. Many of the online printing companies offer free shipping for the product, if you are looking for the discounted price of the boxes. You can also search for the manufacturers who offer customized mailer boxes at discounted price. Most of the reputed manufacturers offer heavy discounts on their products when the demand for the product increases. You may contact them to know about the current promotion and discounts offered on the product.

Quality of Product

The quality of the product remains the same, since it is manufactured according to the standard manufacturing styles. These are provided with the most up to date technology so that they can provide you with the maximum amount of durability as well as functionality. When you look for these products on the internet, you will come across many manufacturers, distributors and online agents, who are willing to provide you with the custom boxes at the discounted price. You can compare the price quotes of various manufacturers and compare the quality as well.


The custom manufactured mailer boxes can be obtained in different sizes, shapes, styles, designs, color and materials. The price of the box will be determined by its usage. For example, if it is used as an item of furniture, then it will have a bigger price than the standard-sized ones. In addition, you can choose the front tuck flap, the inside finish and the size of the flaps as per your requirements. You can easily get all the information about the box online as well.


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