Causes Of Social Phobia


Social phobia is commonly known as social anxiety disorder, is the most common anxiety disorder event, such as speeches going to an interview or meeting someone for the first time. It’s some of the reasons people worry and worry the most. Social phobia is more than occasional nervousness in individuals with social phobia. There is a solid and critical fear of social situations. In this article, you will learn about homeopathic medicine for social phobia.

What are the problems with social phobia?

As a result, these people tend to avoid being in situations that cause fear and anxiety. If a person finds himself in this situation, it will become a very distressing time for them. People who have social phobia have concerns about being judged and criticized by others. The conditions that provoke these fears and anxiety vary from person to person.

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People with social phobia may be anxious about one or more social situations. Common examples of conditions that cause social anxiety include public speaking with authority, meeting new people, social inclusion Stage performances and calls, even realizing that fear doesn’t make sense. But the patient still cannot overcome it.

The homeopathic medicine for social phobia has enormous scope and is very safe to use. Homeopathic medicines in such cases are prescribed according to an individualized and detailed presentation.

What are the causes of Social Phobia?

The exact cause of the social phobia is unclear. Social phobia is rooted in genetic or environmental factors. Sometimes embarrassing situations can become a cause for anxiety in a person if he has to reappear in the same position. Children who are overprotected have a higher chance of developing social phobia.

Fear of socialization:

Symptoms of social phobia include anxiety, fear, excessive self-consciousness, and fear of being viewed or judged by others. Other symptoms include fear of being humiliated. Fear that others will notice anxiety, confusion, flushing, tremors, fast heartbeats or palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, stuttering, tremors, diarrhea, nausea, and panic.

Homeopathic Treatment for Social Phobia:

Homeopathy naturally treats mental complaints, effective and not dangerous Free from toxic side effects Patients suffering from social phobia show miraculous recovery under homeopathic drugs. Social phobia causes mild anxiety, and panic attacks are treated with homeopathic medications. Some of the homeopathic medicine for social phobia is given by,

  1. Ambra Grisea – It is Great Homeopathic Medicine for Social Phobias for Fear of Public Appearance.

Ambra Grisea is an excellent homeopathic drug for social phobia. They are used in patients who are afraid to appear in public. If the people are feeling too embarrassed when appearing in public will need Ambra Grisea cannot do any activities in front of others. When the patient is in front of others, they will have a very fearful expression and blush while talking to others. The patient was clearly in a hurry and nervous.

  1. Silicea– It is a homeopathic remedy for social phobia for fear of public speaking.

Homeopathic medicine Silicea is another perfect homeopathic remedy for social phobia. The main complaint of any person who wants Cilicia is the fear of speaking in public. Anxious and nervous while speaking in front of the group, individuals lack confidence in group discussions, and feel confused, and cannot express themselves in public. Such patients avoid any work that requires public speaking. They expect failure on such occasions. Silicea is one of the leading homeopathic remedies for performance anxiety.

  1. Lycopodium– It is a homeopathic drug for social phobia in people with poor self-esteem.

The homeopathic drug Lycopodium works well for social phobia in individuals suffering from poor self-esteem. They lack self-confidence and are afraid to appear and speak in public or talk to strangers, if necessary. Stuttering and confusion of thought are vital features. There is severe anxiety and sometimes nervous breakdowns. Lycopodium also works well for stage panic attacks and social phobia in children. These children hate to play with children of the same age group and prefer to be with their parents most of the time.

  1. Argentum Nitricum and Gelsemium– It is one of the best homeopathic medicines for social phobia with Anticipatory Anxiety.

It is the good homeopathic remedies for social phobia when anxiety is expected. These drugs are of great help to people who are overly anxious about events.


From the above discussion, you can understand the causes and homeopathy treatment for social phobia. For the best result, you can visit the homeopathy treatment centre.


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