About Cerner EHR

Cerner EHR is a medical healthcare corporation started in 1979 by Arthur Andersen associates Neal Patterson, Paul Group, and Cliff Illy. Globally, the corporation employed over 29,000 people, with over 13,000 in Kansas City, Missouri. Its headquarters are located in the North Kansas City suburb of Missouri.

Cerner provides a set of solutions and services to assist your company reach its goals by streamlining daily operations, streamlining workflows, and improving the physician experience.

They help providers to make timely, educated decisions about patient care by providing them with integrated technologies that work together effortlessly. Cerner Ambulatory provides integrated clinical and financial solutions and services to affiliated and independent medical practices of all sizes and specialties across 30+ professions.

In this piece, we are going to talk about Cerner EHR features that you need to check out while taking a Cerner EHR demo as well as Cerner EHR pricing and Cerner EHR Reviews, so if that sounds like something you would be interested in, then keep reading till the end!

Cerner EHR Top Features 

1. Interoperability

Cerner’s EHR interoperability solutions put medical information at physicians’ fingertips within the EHR system, allowing them to spend less time looking for data and more time with their patients. When data is freely shared across geographical and technological obstacles, a more complete picture of a patient’s unique medical history becomes available, enabling healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions about patient care.

The Cerner clinical EHR technology, which is integrated with Common Well Health Alliance, allows for countrywide interoperability. It provides infrastructure to help identify patients as they move between care facilities, locate health data regardless of where care was provided, and quickly access important care papers.

2. Revenue Cycle Management

Clinical, financial, and operational data must all work together to properly run any organization today and tomorrow. Cerner EHR offers clinical and financial tools and services across the continuum of care by utilizing a single, unified, and integrated platform. This integrated approach enables professionals to optimize revenue cycle effectiveness in today’s environment while also preparing for future value-based payment structures – all while increasing savings, cost-effectiveness, and a healthier bottom line.

Your organization can verify projected payments and manage any discrepancies and denials immediately within your workflow with Cerner EHR integrated billing, claims, and contract management tools.

3. Increased Patient Engagement

One thing that is extremely important for medical practices is patient engagement. It is an excellent feature to keep the patients engaged. Cerner EHR enables patients to view their health record information, lab results, pathology and radiology reports and securely communicate with the health care team through the Health life portal. This is a very smart feature to have because it helps improve patient engagement majorly.

4. Patient Scheduling

Patient Scheduling is an extremely important feature to have in any medical EHR Software. Cerner has an outstanding patient scheduling feature. Cerner EHR displays patient demographics and all appointment types as well as schedule appointments from a single screen. Patients can easily find the first available appointment as per request.

With the help of Cerner EHR Patient Scheduling feature, you can modify, reschedule and cancel appointments, record patient contacts and view the entire history of the appointment. It is one of the most talked about features of Cerner EHR.

5. Clinical Documentation tools

Clinical documentation is an important component of any medical practice and must be managed properly. Cerner’s clinical documentation system was created with the goal of making data entry as simple as possible.

Cerner EMR lets you take notes by narrating them verbally, which the program subsequently converts to a written version. This simplifies things for you and makes it easier to acquire patient data. When you take the Cerner EMR demo, we strongly advise you to investigate this feature.

Cerner EHR Reviews and Pricing

Cerner EMR has gotten a lot of positive feedback. This program is popular among users because it provides a wide range of useful functions at a reasonable price. It has a few features that are better than those in the best EHR software.

The software is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on average. Cerner EHR costs $25.00 per month for each user. The software is not accessible in a free version. This product does not have a free trial option.

Cerner provides a range of pricing choices to accommodate all budgets. Please visit Software Finder, if you have any questions about Cerner EHR price or plans.

Final Thoughts!

If you’re debating whether or not to invest in Cerner EMR after reading our article, we’re afraid we can’t provide you a firm answer. We recommend that you read as many Cerner EHR reviews as possible. We also advise you to wait until you have taken a Cerner EHR demo before making a decision. This is because a demo allows you to get hands-on experience with the software. You can easily receive a Cerner demo by contacting the company and requesting one.


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