Paper Bird Customized cardboard packaging is an excellent place to make your own quality, custom CBD packaging for the products you want to market. At Paper Bird, offer custom cardboard boxes in all sizes and shapes for the hemp seed boxes, pre-roll boxes, e-cigarette, vaporizer, refillable, cartridges, shatterproof, refillable, cell phone, vitamin bottle, and any other CBD product. They have many different options for packaging too. Here’s a list of some of their options:


Cannabidiol is also called CBD, is a natural oil that is found in the resinous bloom of the cannabis plant. However, this oil offers many advantages. It is in use to treat skin inflammation. However, it is additionally in use to cure anxiety, tension, and a different heart disease. Since the time cannabis has been in use for Restorative and recreational purposes, the demand for CBD products and custom CBD packaging has enormously expanded.

Numerous Companies

Numerous companies are giving organic items that are obtained by using CBD. However, to attract clients, these oils are packed in the custom CBD packaging boxes. Moreover, this ensures the CBD quality. The customized CBD packaging help to move your items from the store shelves faster in light of the fact that they clear all of the aspects of the product in a better way.

Benefits of Using Custom CBD Packaging Boxes for Businesses

The outstanding custom CBD packaging not only help improve the shelf life of your products for a long time, but also keep them safe during transport from one place to another. Additionally, many companies in the UK offer CBD boxes in so many different and unique shapes, styles and color that cater to all customer needs. You can get all kinds of distinctive designs and styles for CBD item packaging. Moreover, you can also get the free design services from these companies. Nowadays, many well-known custom packaging companies work in the UK.


However, there are many packaging companies that consistently offer bespoke, eye-catching designs for their customers. The companies use high quality materials such as cardboard, cardstock and boxes of eco-friendly craft materials. You can use them with various finishes to make them more eye-catching for customers. From different materials to different finishing and printing choices they have it all. You can get all the essentials of packaging under one roof without any difficulty.

Hemp Seed

These custom boxes are great for those selling both pharmaceuticals and CBD oil. They’re very attractive because they’re eco-friendly, recyclable and come in many shapes and designs. For example, many are shaped like animals. On the other hand, many others are made from glass and have window cut-outs for displaying the product. You can also get custom CBD packaging that have cut-outs for concealing oil pads or cleaning kits.

Decorative Printing

These are among the least expensive types of packaging solutions. However, the price depends on the type of printing you want done inside the box. For instance, for large orders, you might need to pay more. But there are a few online printers that offer free shipping. Moreover, some printing companies offer printing services such as foil stamping, hole punching, envelope stuffing and interior decoration.

Glass Bottles

This is inexpensive yet highly effective. For most products, this is the cheapest, simplest and best way of packaging. However, glass bottles cannot be shipped using ordinary boxes since the strength of glass is much less than that of plastic. Hence, if you want a stronger packaging solution that lasts longer, it’s best to opt for custom printed boxes made of glass.

Cardboard Boxes

The only disadvantage of cardboard packaging is that it can’t bear weight. But if you’re going for small orders, then this is the best option. The material used for manufacturing cardboard is durable but not indestructible. For this reason, cardboard is used for wrapping food, and even in printing and customization options.

Pre-roll Boxes

These are among the most popular pre-made packaging material available in the market. The material used for manufacturing these are pre-cut and standardized, so it won’t require any customization at all. However, they’re a little more costly than plastic because of their large size. There are also a lot of pre-roll boxes in the market with custom printing. For more affordable options, you may want to go for custom printed polyethylene film, which is also durable as compared to paper and cardboard.


With the increasing popularity of ecommerce and online marketing, custom CBD packaging have been proven to be very useful for businesses. If you want to set up a store online, it’s essential that you come up with packaging solution that can attractively display your products and services. Most people these days prefer electronic gadgets to tangible items, and hence a smart and cost-effective pre-roll packaging option is what you should look for.


These are just some of the numerous ways through which you can benefit from using custom CBD packaging. The best way to do so is to contact a reliable packaging company and discuss your requirements. There are many companies that offer this kind of service, so it’s important that you go through the various options. Before settling on a specific packaging provider, make sure you know about their rates, quality, and durability. Also, consider the specific needs of your business and the type of products you’re dealing in – you need to get a good deal in order to protect your reputation and your finances.


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