Planning a Montana camping trip this year? You want to make sure your family enjoys it. You will likely find hikes or swimming areas at the campsite where you book. But sometimes you will need to entertain your entire family. You can have fun with your campmates by playing the same games. This will keep you entertained and make sure everyone has a good time. The following list contains five of the most fun games your family and you can play while camping.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunting is a great way to have fun with your family as you get to know the campsite better. You can leave camping equipment at your campsite, or ask your family to look for it in the wild. Each family member will receive an itemized list detailing the different items to be found. The winner is the person who has the complete list back. The winner can choose to receive a prize for all of the people who completed their list.


Cornhole can be played outside with very little equipment. Anyone of any age can participate. There are two to four players who can play simultaneously, depending on whether or not you decide to break up into teams. You can collect as many points as you like by landing a beanbag on a board or “sinking the bean bag” into the hole. The game’s winner will be determined by the first team to reach 21 points without exceeding them.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is an excellent game to play while camping with large families or groups. The game allows both adults and children to have fun and encourages competition. Two teams are involved in this game. Each team must work together and secure the flag before they can return it to their side. One player can be tagged while they are on the other side. This means that they may not be allowed to continue trying to win the flag for that round.

Fight with Water Balloons

You can have a water balloon fight with your family if it is too hot outside. You will be able to cool everyone in your family by having them play water balloon fights. Everyone is sure to laugh while hitting each other with the balloons. You can choose to play in teams or have a free-for-all where everyone is trying to hit everyone with a balloon. Be mindful of your neighbour’s and don’t hit children with balloons.

Card Games

You can also play card games while camping. These games can be played in your tent or RV, depending on what type of RV you’re using. These games are great for relaxing before bed, and can also keep everyone entertained during bad weather. Old Maid, Uno, and Phase 10 are just a few of the great card games you can play.

Final Thoughts

You and your family will be entertained when camping, and there are plenty of games to choose from. There are many outdoor games everyone can participate in, from water balloon fights to Cornhole. Indoor games, such as card and poker, are also available if you need something to do at night or when it is too cold or rainy outside. It doesn’t matter what game you choose, just make sure everyone has fun and it will keep you entertained for as long or longer as you need.


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