I did not know but my children consider me a strict mom. My youngest told me that teen twins were complaining about me to grandma that I am so stubborn. I am old-fashioned and consider even normal things as some kind of ambiguity. Well if you want me to be a cool mom who doesn’t stop you from obsessing over social media apps and online games and let you stick with the screens almost 24/7 then am sorry I am good. I will prefer to sabotage my reputation as a mother than allowing my child to drown in gadgets and waste their energy and time.

I don’t want to sound old school but our time was good and different. We had so many activities and adventures to explore that watching TV was considered less fun activity. Anyway talking about new trends and time, cyber issues are on the rise as well and most victims are teenagers. A 34-year-old mom was told by her 12-year-old daughter that how a group at her college played a game on a famous social media app in which a chosen victim body shame himself about his particular feature by sharing snaps of their body parts and features they were reluctant to share with the world and how she chooses not to be the part of that insulting game.

That girl had a choice not to participate, imagine a scenario where you are forced or blackmailed to do such a hideous act then what will be your reaction. People make fun of other weaknesses and try to frame them in situations where they are a force to do such uncomfortable actions and then share the videos on social media and instant messenger chat apps without consent. There are laws and regulations to catch such criminals but we should all try to be prepared to deal with such things on the basic level so that our children don’t have to go through such traumatic experiences.

One way is to get a spy app or parental control app especially for monitoring social media apps for teenagers. OgyMogy offers many features lets talk about one of them the WhatsApp spy app.

  1. WhatsApp is a mobile messenger app introduced in 2009, which was then acquired by another bigger platform the Facebook. The name play “What’s Up” and the service was started as an alternative to text message and fairly said it has replaced the custom way of messaging in major parts of the world.
  2. Statista reports that nearly 2 billion active WhatsApp users access the platform every month.
  3. How many times you have seen your child busy with instant messenger chat apps? These kids write long essays in text messages. I mean you can simply call but teenagers prefer text messages as it is time-saving and you can respond whenever you are ready. WhatsApp spy app lets you read every text message on your teenager’s cell phone. You have remote access to the private messages as well as group details.
  4. Know about any secret discussion, code message transfer, and most importantly group content with the OgyMogy spy app. Make sure your teen does not join any adult groups as it is very easy to join any group on WhatsApp. All you need to do is click on the link and you are open to unlimited media content and discussion.
  5. The rate of spam calls is also on the rise on WhatsApp. As a public display pictures or status can make anyone contact you. With the help of the WhatsApp spy app keep an eye on your teen’s audio and video call record and track any spam call right away. Moreover, access to the call log phone book reports you about any late-night audio or video calls of your teen with friends. Don’t let it become a habit.
  6. One of the major benefits of instant messenger apps is sharing of the media file in any format. Monitor the media remotely sent or received through the chat apps with the help of the WhatsApp spy app.

Keep a strict check on online activities. No need to be lenient over such an issue. Deal with their rants, allow them to use the online platforms but make sure you know what are they up to.


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