Avast is a popular antivirus program that offers various advanced tools for system and data protection. The free plans of Avast offer numerous basic tools. You can go for free or paid Avast antivirus plans according to your requirement. After installing antivirus, run the tools and secure the system from all the malware. When you get the premium subscription of Avast, you will get the license for a year. After the provided days, your Avast antivirus will expire and then you can’t access the paid tools. avast cancel auto renew When you are using the auto-renewal, your Avast antivirus does not expire and gets renewed automatically. If you want to remove Avast from the system then disable the auto-renewal feature. If you don’t then the plan will renew even if you have removed the setup.

Disable Avast antivirus auto-renewal

If you want to remove Avast then check its auto-renewal. If the plan is in auto-renewal mode then immediately cancel it. Use the Avast plan till expiry.

  1. Open a browser 
  2. Go to the Avast website
  3. Click on the My Account button
  4. User has to enter Avast credentials
  5. Your Avast profile will appear
  6. Click on the Avast subscription page
  7. Tap on the Avast plan
  8. Choose the Cancel button 
  9. Avast confirmation window will appear

Tap on the Confirm option and then the auto-renewal plan will get disabled. Now go to the Avast program and go to the subscription tab. Users can see the subscription remaining days. Access all the premium tools of your program till that day. Remove Avast Antivirus After the subscription of your Avast expires, you can remove the Avast antivirus setup from the system.

Cancel auto-renewed plan of Avast antivirus

Many times, people want to remove Avast antivirus but the setup gets auto-renewed. In this case, the user should check for the auto-renewal service. Some of the Avast plans have the refund service on the auto-renewal feature. You have to check whether this service is available on your plan or not. If your Avast has the refund service then go for it. When you apply for the refund on auto-renewal, the currently running plan will expire.

  1. Open Avast antivirus website on your browser
  2. Tap on the My Account page
  3. Provide the login details
  4. Hit on the Subscription window
  5. Go to your Avast auto-renewal plan
  6. Tap on the Cancel button
  7. Users will get the Avast refund wizard on the screen
  8. Tap on the Yes button

Once the user applies for an Avast antivirus refund, the auto-renewal plan will expire and then you will get the refund in a few days. When your plan doesn’t have the refund feature then you cancel the subscription for further auto-renewal. In case you don’t need the Avast plan of your device then you can transfer the subscription on your another device. While transferring the Avast license, check the system’s platform as you can transfer the license on the same platform only. 

Cancel Avast on your Android system

Avast provides both freeware and premium plans for Avast. Users can easily install the setup from the play store and use its tools. When you want to remove the Avast setup, you have to long-press the Avast icon and then select the Uninstall option. Before uninstalling your Avast, you should check for its subscription. If the auto-renewal is enabled then you should cancel it before uninstalling your Avast. 

  1. Close the Avast antivirus setup
  2. Click on Google Play Store
  3. Tap on the Profile icon
  4. Go to the Payments and Subscription option
  5. Hit on the Subscriptions 
  6. Choose Avast antivirus
  7. Go to the Avast and hit on the Cancel button
  8. Users may get the Pause Subscription option for Avast
  9. Hit on the No Thanks option

Choose Confirm and your Avast subscription for Android devices will be cancelled. Now you can uninstall the Avast. Once the subscription for Avast expires, it won’t renew and you can easily install another security program on the system. Remove Avast Antivirus After the subscription expiry, the user can either remove the Avast setup or can renew the license manually. 

Transferring Avast antivirus to another device

If you have an active subscription but you don’t need to on your system then use it on another device. Avast allows the transfer of licenses from one system to another. But users can access it on the same platforms only. If you have Avast for Windows, transfer the subscription to the Windows system only. In case, you need Avast for various devices then you can get the Avast multi-license subscription. It is a platform-independent subscription and you can install it on multiple devices.


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