How Representation In Film Can Create Pride and Power


A film cannot be considered a complete work without the depiction of the lives of various people. Whether in fiction or nonfiction, films are built around the stories and experiences of diverse groups of people. This is why representation in film is important for all sorts of communities. 

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A film that talks about an experience one might not understand is much easier to relate to than a film that shows only one type of person’s perspective. It can show how some people think and feel, whether they are from certain countries, socioeconomic classes, etc. By representing different types of people in Reel Craze films, then we can strive for equality within our society and culture.

What is representation?

Represents are when a group of people is shown in the media. Some films might not have any representation, while others might represent many different types of people. A film like Selma is a great example of how representation can be used to create pride and power.

Showing diversity in film can create good change

By showing diversity in films, then we can strive for equality within our society and culture.

With representation in film, people can learn about how their lives are different than those of the people they see on screen. This will help them understand that they are not alone and make them feel more hopeful that they can achieve something great. 

It is also important to show what it is like to live as someone who is not white because this way people know how it feels to be a minority.

How does this help people with different backgrounds?

Representation in films is beneficial for people with different backgrounds. It helps them understand the experiences of others and how other groups of people think and feel. This can help to create a space where we can all learn from each other. It also helps us feel pride in our respective communities. 

For example, when the film Straight Outta Compton was released, it helped African Americans become proud of their culture again. People who might have felt embarrassed or ashamed because they were not considered “black” or a part of the African American community could now see that they are an important part of this culture and community. 

There are also many films that represent immigrant perspectives on life, which can help immigrants who are dealing with issues like immigration or coming to America understand that they too are not alone in their struggles.

Examples of how films have helped communities

Not only can films have a positive impact on society and culture, but they can have an even more significant impact on communities. In the past month alone, there have been many examples of how representation in Reel craze film has helped communities. “Black Panther” is a film that shows a representation of different types of people from all walks of life. “A Wrinkle in Time” is about multiple different types of people coming together to help others who are being oppressed by beings from another dimension. Finally, “The Favorite” is about female friendship and empowerment that features women from vastly different backgrounds. These films show how representation in film can create pride and power within us as a community.


Representation in film can help create better change in society. It can help people who have different backgrounds realize they are not alone in their struggles and that they have a voice. This can make a positive impact on the way people see themselves and their communities. It will show people that they have the power and influence to create change, which could help them better the world around them.


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