How To Build A Better Government Website?


The ability to engage citizens and improve citizen-government relationships are some of the priority goals of government websites. However, even with the best intentions and efforts, several agencies fail to fulfill the goals and customer satisfaction remains poorly low.

The citizens expect their interaction with the government website to be a similar experience of that of a private sector. Also, many government websites look unimpressively boring and dull which does nothing in favor of public engagement.


However, if you are wondering how you can improve your chances of creating a better or in fact the best government websites then here are some efficient steps to help you out. Take a look at the below enumerated steps that shall most definitely help you in fulfilling the prime goals and building an efficiently working website.

1. Interview the stakeholders

Before starting on your journey to create a government website, you need to learn about the core audience of your website. A website that is designed and built keeping in mind the needs of everyone will please no one.

The website will become generic and will do nothing good for generating intended engagement. Therefore, to pinpoint a precise audience for the website, you must interview both internal and external stakeholders.

Conducting thorough interviews with the employees, government organizations, partners, citizens and businesses will not only help you identify your audience but also highlight the website goals and define user profiles exactly.

2. Conduct user surveys extensively

Understanding the users is key to building an efficient government website. What most agencies do is that when creating websites they take the initiative of inside out which is essentially reflecting the government organization’s needs.

However, the correct approach should be outside in which is to consider the user perspective. After all, the government websites are created for the sake of visitors or users. With extensive user surveys, you are able to bring out the actual goal of real-life visitors.

You will also learn about audience preferences and their types. The tasks that they are looking for in the government websites. All of the information will help you to achieve development decisions and more progressive work in building an efficient government website.

3. Execute card sort test

If you are expecting the public to find information on government websites in the same way how organization insiders do then you are certainly wrong. The navigation system on the website must be easy-to-use and organized.

The audience must find it understandable. It is observed that government websites are often abandoned because the navigation of the site is too complex. Therefore, you need to recognize the pattern in which your audience prioritizes and categorizes information.

The card sort test allows you to learn that pattern. With its execution, you can structure the content on the site and also make an influence for improved customer satisfaction.

4. Review web analytics

Constructing a better user experience by giving the users what they seek from a government website is an important element for creating a better government website. Well, with the help of web analytics, you can learn more about user goals and create content which is relevant for them.

Reviewing the web analytics provides you with insights for user behaviour, particular entry and exit points, content value, devices used for accessing the website. All of the data obtained from it helps in creating a better website that is for the users.

5. Build goal-directed home page

You must keep in mind that citizens visit best government websites for the primary purpose of accomplishing a specific goal. For example, filling a form or seeking information or notice.

Therefore, you must create the home page of the government website in such a way that all the essential information, frequently used topics and other crucial content are placed in an organized and efficient way.

This will help the users to achieve their goal quickly and efficiently.

There’s more to creating a better government website. The above listed are some of the crucial ways in which you can develop government sites. Learn more about government website creation from expert professionals.


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