The Belkin N+ wireless router is the newest generation 802.11n network router. It delivers a reliable network connection through your residence. The data network speed of this networking router provides AC300. Although the network speed is slow, the network coverage is broader. Because it enhanced the 2.4 GHz networking band that completely increased the network speed. With this networking router, you seamlessly create a powerful & stronger network range. The Belkin N+ networking router brings the MIMO antenna technology that amplifies the network signal and reduces network congestion. Generally, the Belkin 300 MbPS N+ router enhanced the four Gigabit wired ports, and also enhanced the modem, storage ports that allow to inte3rnet modem & network-attached storage. 

Moreover, many networking devices have needed WiFi network connectivity. Then this network device is optimum & well-performed to such a storage device. The security option also includes this wireless router that completely provides security. The Belkin n+ router setup is not complicated through the official web or Ip address. You simply found this IP or web address in the user manual, this manual absolutely comes along with this networking router. 

Amazing Features of the Belkin 300 Mbps N+ router 

The Belkin router delivers amazing wireless network connectivity for all the rooms of your residence. With this network device, you easily get network connectivity in all the rooms of your residence. But this networking device commonly comes with astonishing features so you need to surely know these features before getting the networking connectivity.

Speedy network with MIMO antennas technology 

The Belkin wireless networking router provides a speedy network through the MIMO antennas technology. The MIMO antenna technology is enhanced in this networking router that thoroughly increases the network signal. If you wish to take the gaming experience with this networking router then you easily get it with this networking router. The 2 external antennas are placed on the top panel. These antennas surely discover the stronger network signal on the outside and smoothly provide it to the client device. The Belkin 300 MbPS WiFi router is the most suitable networking router for the all-wireless client device, wired client device, and storage client device. Thus, this networking device smoothly delivers a speedy wireless network through the MIMO antennas technology. With this technology, you easily say goodbye to the weak & internet network signal in easy-manner. 

Provides security with WPA/WPA2 encryption

The security option is enhanced in the Belkin 300 Mbps N+ router. This option provides full security about your network device. Because many software & hackers are there that provide the loss then you can’t enjoy the wireless network connectivity. If you wish to secure your networking router from the virus & hackers then you need to activate the security encryption. This security option is most necessary, to activate this option you virtually reach in the setting. If you wish to reach the setting then you take the user manual & find out the default login IP. As soon as you enter the IP in any web interface like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more than the login page is a pop-up. Then you enter the login information related to the Belkin router. After that, smoothly enable the security encryption in a trouble-free manner. 

More suitable for wired & storage device 

The Belkin wireless networking router is the most suitable & reliable networking device for wired & storage devices. Because many other routers do not provide the network connectivity to the wired or storage device. But this router has separate ports to the wired or storage device. Then you surely connect the storage or wired device to the Belkin router with these ports. But these ports require a cable, without cable this port is valueless. 

Some ways to change The Wireless Channel Of Belkin 300 MbPS N+ Router

If you wish to change the wireless channel to increase the network speed then you easily change it. But for this, you open the setting and then quickly change it.

You simply open the internet-connected web interface of your computer and usually use the web address portion. Because this portion is mandatory, then insert Belkin. Range. As soon as the login window pops up. Then you properly log in to the account while appropriating the default login admin password. Then, reach the setting in the Belkin 300 MbPS N+ router and also decide the wireless setting option, and then quickly change the channel for optimum & stable WiFi network connectivity. 


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