Norton antivirus is a top security program that has numerous plans with all basic and advanced security features. Users can find a good antivirus plan with Norton which can take care of the system. The premium Norton plans are provided on subscription. The user has to purchase the Norton license and then use the plan. When the subscription of Norton is about to expire, users should renew it. After Norton expires, you can’t use it. Some Norton antivirus plans have auto-renewal subscriptions. The subscription won’t expire and billing will occur from your account. If not planning to use the program anymore then you should cancel your subscription. 

Checking Norton Subscription From An Online Account

Users can get all the details of their Norton setup and subscription from the online account. You can open the Norton account on any system.

  1. Open browser and go to the Norton 
  2. Tap on My Account button
  3. Provide the login details 
  4. Tap on the Login button and the Norton account will open on the screen
  5. Go to the Norton profile page and click on the subscription

The user will see all his Norton plans. Tap on the Norton plan. You will see the subscription date and the expiry date. Users can use the Norton tool till the provided date. In case, your Norton antivirus is under auto-renewal then you can’t get to see the expiry date. 

Disabling Auto-Renewal Feature Of Norton Antivirus

Users should cancel Norton antivirus to prevent the auto-renewal of their program. You can disable it anytime from the online account directly. When the subscription days are remaining, you can access the features. Even if the user disables Norton auto-renewal, his plan will expire only on the provided date. 

  1. Open your Norton antivirus account on the browser
  2. Go to the My Account window
  3. Log in to Norton antivirus account
  4. Open the Profile and click on the Subscription icon
  5. Select the Norton plan
  6. Click on the Cancel button
  7. Users will get a confirmation page

Hit the Confirm button and now your Norton auto-renewal is disabled. Go to your subscriptions and check the expiry date of the current plan. Use all its premium features to date and then the subscription will expire. 

Cancel Your Norton Subscription After Auto-Renewal

When a user doesn’t cancel the subscription, the Norton plan gets renewed automatically. If your plan also gets renewed then you should check for a refund. Some of the Norton antivirus plans have a refund policy when plans get renewed automatically. You can read the refund policies of Norton on the website. When your license is under refund policy then cancel it.

  1. Open system and go to the browser
  2. Go to Norton antivirus website
  3. Open your Norton account by logging it
  4. Click on the subscription and go to your auto-renewed plan
  5. Tap on the Cancel button and the user will get the refund option

Select Refund and tap on the Confirm button. norton error 3048 3 When the Norton refund is confirmed, the license will expire and then the user can’t use any of the Norton. You will also get the refund confirmation mail. 

Checking Norton Subscription On Android Device

Norton also provides plans for your Android system. Users can install the Norton application for Android from its Play Store. After installing, the user will get the activating screen. Enter the activating key and then you can use the program. For cancelling the Norton antivirus subscription, you have to use the Play Store as it manages all your applications. 

  1. Open Android phone and click on the profile
  2. Go to Payments and subscriptions
  3. Tap on the Subscription window
  4. Select the Norton antivirus
  5. Hit on Cancel button

Choose No Thanks when you get the Pause Subscription option. Again open the Norton subscription page and check its expiry date. cancel Norton subscription Close the Play Store and open Norton antivirus. You can run the system scan and other features till the expiry. The subscription of Norton will not renew automatically.

Renew The Norton Antivirus Manually

When you want to use Norton but the plan gets expired then renew it manually. Users don’t have to get a new subscription and reinstall the program. error 3048 3 norton You can directly renew the plan and extend its expiry date. In case you want a new Norton antivirus, wait till the running plan expires. Remove the setup and then install your new Norton plan. 


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