How to Create a Baby-Friendly & Naptime Schedule


There’s a new daycare trend today. Baby-friendly care. It is designed to keep babies safe and happy while they’re at daycare by providing a schedule that is baby-friendly (which means it’s nap time). Naptime schedules have been found to be the most helpful for your baby. They provide the healthiest environment for your little one, and that can help with sleep habits later on in life. Here are some tips to create a baby-friendly naptime schedule for the best start for your nannusays.

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What is a nap time schedule?

A baby-friendly nap time schedule is a schedule that ensures babies are getting enough sleep. It also ensures that they’re getting the right amount of sleep. Here are some tips to create a baby-friendly naptime schedule:

Give them at least one hour and 15 minutes of quality sleep

Trust your instincts on what makes your baby happy

Keep naptime short, to prevent overstimulation

Provide warm milk for your baby when it naps (this helps with calming)

Have a quiet room and babysitting service available so your little one can nap in peace

How to create your own naptime schedule.

First, make sure that your daycare will follow the schedule. Your daycare should have a set naptime schedule. If they don’t have one, ask them to make one with you. That way you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

Next, calculate how much time you will be spending on naptime activities per week. Let’s say that each activity takes up 30 minutes of your time each week. Now take into account the times when they will be available to play and nap during those hours, as well as any other normal activities that they can do during this time period (such as going to the jungle gym). This will give you an idea of what their schedule looks like for the entire week.

Finally, come up with a list of things that you want to do during naptime hours. These could include taking walks or eating meals together or playing games together or setting up new toys in their room so that they are ready for playtime when it gets closer to nap time every day.

This is just a general guideline for creating your own baby-friendly naptime schedule that works best for your family!

Benefits of a baby-friendly nap time schedule.

  • Helps with sleep habits
  • Helps prevent SIDS
  • Provides a better routine for your baby
  • Makes it easier to establish a schedule with the daycare
  • Keeps your baby entertained while they’re napping.

The importance of naptime for a baby’s development.

Naps are important for a baby’s development. Taking a nap when your newborn is really sleepy can help them get the sleep they need to develop healthy sleep habits later on in life.

Just like adults, babies need a little bit of sleep at different times throughout the day. In fact, it has been found that 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is ideal for infants. As your child gets older and starts to learn more, you can gradually reduce the amount of time they get during naptime as they’re able to fall asleep and stay asleep at other times.

Negatives of not creating a nap time for your baby.

There are a lot of negative side effects that can come from not creating a nap time for your baby. Some of them include:

  1. Not providing your nannu says with the healthy environment they need to grow and develop
  2. Not providing your baby with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy
  3. Your baby not being able to sleep easily at night, which is harder on parents who are already stretched thin
  4. The stress of trying to get your baby down for naptime, can lead to more crying and frustration in the morning
  5. Not having a scheduled nap time for your baby leads them to cry more often during the day and become irritable.


New parents often have a difficult time deciding what to do with their babies during the day. While there are many different options for your baby, one of the most important things for a baby is naps.

The key to having a baby-friendly nap schedule is to know your baby and how much sleep they need. The best way to figure this out is by starting out with a nap schedule and finding what works best.


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