The HP Envy 6455 is a wire-free USB connectivity technology high-performance printer. It is usually used in the office, workshop, apartment, & smart home. This printer provides high-quality printing paper. The HP Envy Pro 6455 wireless all-in-one printer absolutely performs the three functions like scan, copy, & print. Inside this printer has an input tray that has more capacity to input the sheets. Without the sheets, this printer does not print the documents. It delivers borderless photos and also delivers two-sided printing documents. The HP Envy 6455 wireless printer works with WIFI network connectivity. Without Wi-Fi or internet connectivity it does not function. It is surely compatible with mobile phones so you can simply print & scan documents virtually anywhere. Simply connect your mobile phone and then copy or scan the documents.

Moreover, the HP Envy 6455 printer has a flatbed scanner that can reliably scan essential documents, photos, signatures, and more. This scanner is more reliable to perform the scan function. If you wish to scan the documents on your mobile phone then you simply use the HP Smart App and connect your printer to this App. Afterward, easily share the documents, photos, and more, and his printer scans these documents. 

Incredible features of the HP Envy 6455 Wireless Printer

The HP Envy Wi-Fi-connected all-in-one printer is ordinarily more beneficial to all the smart homes, workshops. Because it performs all the work, then you do not buy the scan machine to scan the documents. This wireless all-in-one printer has incredible features.

Ultimate print speed

The HP envy wireless printer smoothly prints your essential documents. Although, the print quality of this printer is unbelievable & faster. It provides printing paper in high quality. In other words, printing paper is damn clear. You easily read every word in the printing documents. But my previous printer is bad in the printing quality case. Because it delivers very blur-quality documents. However, the printer speed is very low. But the HP Envy Pro 6455 printer speed is 5 × faster & stronger. If you wish to print the black-and-white documents with this printer then the printing speed is up to 10 ppm. But the color document speed is less than the back document speed. The color document speed is 7 ppm. Thus, the printing speed is unbelievable and amazing as compared to my previous printer. 

Works with mobile phone 

The HP Envy 6455 wireless printer absolutely works with mobile phones. Then you seamlessly print any documents with your mobile phone. Simultaneously with this, this printer definitely works with WiFi network connectivity. Now, you wonder how to connect HP envy pro 6455 printer to wifi, then it is not complicated. Utterly, install the HP smart app on your iPhone or android mobile phone. Then, visit the setting and then easily connect your printer to the WiFi network. But for this, your mobile phone also connects to the 2.4 GHz network. If it is not connected then you need to connect it. With this app, you quickly share files, documents, photos, and more. Then this printer copies or scans these files or documents. 

Powerful input & output capacity

The Input or Output capacity of the HP Envy pro 6455 all-in-one wireless printer is more than the previous printer. The input capacity of this wireless printer is 100. That means at times you easily input the 100 sheets in the input tray. Simultaneously, the output capacity is 25 sheets. If you wish to print the documents then it provides 25 sheets at a time. 

Some brilliant ways to Fix Error Printing In HP Envy 6455 Wireless Printer

The HP Envy Pro 6455 wireless printer provides the facility to print, scan & copy the documents. Sometimes the problem is caused then you simply fix it. Some brilliant ways to fix the issue.

Not print the documents

If the HP Envy pro 6455 wireless printer does not print the documents then you need to confirm the sheets. If the sheet is blank into the input tray of the printer then it does not print it. Then you should verify the input tray. Maybe the output tray is jammed and dust is stuck. Then you need to clean the output tray to fix the printing issue. 

Wi-Fi network does not connect to the HP Envy 6455 wireless printer

If the Wi-Fi network is not connected to the HP Envy pro 6455 printer then the hp envy pro 6455 troubleshooting is you need to reboot this printer. After that, again try to connect this printer to the Wi-Fi network connectivity. 

Not functioning well 

If the HP Envy 6455 wireless printer is not functioning well then the optimum & excellent solution is you should restart the printer. You can use the Power button and then restart the wireless printer. 


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