How To Provide Online Consultation In This Pandemic


The pandemic has changed the entire world upside down. As lockdowns got imposed, one of the biggest challenges was to get medical consultations. Patients who need regular assistance from their doctors switched to online consultation options. Various apps for healthcare professionals came to the rescue, making it feasible for both doctors and patients to continue with medical diagnosis.

If you are looking for the answer to how to provide online consultation in this pandemic, you are surely a healthcare practitioner looking for ways to keep your business afloat. That is where the technological advancements will help, and apps for healthcare professionals can help you a big deal. These apps make it feasible to create an online connection with the patients. You can carry out operations like in a brick-and-mortar clinic.

Tips for providing online consultation in this pandemic

Let’s dive deeper and figure out how a healthcare professional can carry out easy and convenient medical consultations.

Time for a digital Switch

Just like the other businesses, even the healthcare industry has to turn to digital platforms. There are apps like Bajaj Finserv Doctors App that offers a sorted, secured, and reliable platform for doctors to do their practice online. With such apps, various manual tasks can get automated. These apps help in:

  • Taking online appointments, manage the appointment schedules, and send reminders to the patients for upcoming sessions.
  • Writing prescriptions and sharing them with the patients.
  • Providing the option of different consultation modes to the patient like video, voice, or chat.
  • Reaching remote areas and overseas, getting more and more exposure.

But all this is possible only if you choose the best app. Therefore, there are few things that you must consider as you select an app to make the digital switch. These things are:

  • Read the online reviews, understanding the experiences of both doctors and patients with the app.
  • Take a virtual tour before actually start using the app. The best apps give you the tour upon request.
  • Check the features, ensuring that the app gives everything that you require.

Based on these things, take the final call, choose an app and turn to the digital world for your medical practice.

Establish an online Clinic

The next step is to set up a clinic online. It is cost-effective as most of the apps offer free registration. The only thing that you have to pay attention to is that you should provide all relevant information. The patients are not coming on the app to see you exclusively (unless you have gained that reputation). They are more likely to explore the available options before finalizing a doctor.

To make sure that you catch the eye of the patient, set up your clinic profile carefully. You should provide all the information about the doctor’s qualifications, accolades, and awards. In addition to that, provide detailed information about the specialization.

Be active and encourage your patients.

Another pro tip is to always stay active over the app, acknowledge the customer activities swiftly and assist them immediately. Another way is to encourage your customers to switch to these apps to make fruitful use of the technology. As more people join the app, the community grows, and so do your chances to get more patients. This way, you get better exposure and increase productivity, leading to the economic growth of the digital clinic.

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Get Reviews

People who rely on online services always read reviews. It gives them a better idea of the service offerings. Therefore, encourage your patients to leave reviews and ratings about your services at the end, as this will help fetch more clients. Moreover, keep the services top-notch to be sure that the reviews will all be positive.


Apps for healthcare professionals are the best way to provide medical consultation to patients in remote areas. It covers even those patients that need face-to-face consultation sessions with their doctor. In addition, there are features like video calling, which feels like the patient is sitting in front of the doctor. Not just this, the telemedicine app for doctors can also provide doctors with relevant information about the medical world.

If you are a healthcare professional and need to keep in touch with your patients during the pandemic, use all the tips we have mentioned. Choose the best app for doctors for online consultation and serve your patients better as you grow economically.


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