We all love to have shiny and healthy hair, don’t we? A great tip to get the same is taking care of the hair by following some great tips and tricks. Whether you have short or long hair, an easy hair growth tip is required for every hair type. Here are some easy and genuine hair tips explained that enhances the growth of hairs so that you can get the type of hair desired. Out of these, many are based on natural ingredients that can easily be made.

Remember, every individual has a different hair texture, type, and properties. Thus, each hair type needs to be maintained with proper care and attention. Don’t panic if any of the tips don’t work on your hair, there might be differences as per your hair type. Making use of perfect hair accessories like mini claw clip can also protect the hair from damage, and thus promotes hair growth.

Sadly, not every hair product that claims to provide proper care is that beneficial. You need to be very careful while choosing the product for your hair. There are other things too like food intake and a proper hair care regime that promotes hair growth. Read on to know the tips and tricks of getting healthy and shiny hair.

Doing Scalp Massage

When you give regular massage to your scalp, it not only gives relaxation but also improves the circulation of blood. Ultimately, the hair gets increased from roots. In such a stressful schedule, scalp massage is a great way to deal with stress which is one of the main causes of hair loss.

Give massage to your scalp, one or two times a week before bedtime. You will get a relaxing sleep and will get a healthy growth of hair. So simple, isn’t it? You might have heard of the benefits of hot coconut oil massage. The other things are hydrating hair masks or serums for the scalp massage.

Regular Trimming Of Hair

The hair goes through 3 stages – antigen, catagen, and telogen. In the first stage, the hair will be active and cells of hair roots get divided on a quick note. In the second stage, the growth of hair gets stopped, and the outer root case gets shrink and gets attached to the hair roots. During the third stage, there can be hair thinning and breakage marks. When you go for regular trimming, the third stage can be escaped and your hair will continue its growth. Go for regular hair trimming sessions to let the hair grow.

Having A Good Diet

Everybody part requires a specific type of nutrient, the same in the case of hair. When you consume food items like spinach, egg yolk, bananas, and raisins, the hair will get all the required proteins and minerals that promote its growth. Try to eliminate or reduce high sodium levels, carbonated drinks, and sugary food items.

Using A Correct Shampoo Regime

The dirt and exposure to sunlight can make the hair follicles overtired and breakable. If you wash your hair with lukewarm water, it will be a suggested tip. Don’t go for excessive rinsing as it can be harmful to hair growth. The wet hair is more prone to breakage and damage as the natural oil may get stripped off with regular washing. Don’t use hot water or routine washing if you want to protect your hair.

Using Aloe Vera Gel

Alovera is highly beneficial for the hair, just like the skin. How it helps is by moisturizing, cleaning, repairing, and reinforcing the hair follicles. Give a massage to your scalp with aloe Vera gel for a cool feeling and to provide the essential nutrients for the growth of hairs. This also protects your hair from the scorching sun to your hair. Also, avoid the use of heating tools on the hair as they can cause damage. An alternative to this is a heatless hair curler set that curls your hair naturally.

Using An Egg Mask

The egg is not only beneficial for the body but for hairs too. The odor can be foul, but applying egg yolks is among the simple and convenient methods to let your hair grow healthy. They are rich in vitamins and iron, sodium, and lectin, which are considered good for hair growth. Your hairs will get enough moisture and nourishment to prevent the damage of hair. Use an egg mask for good growth.

How Safe Is Taking Supplements For Hair Growth? 

There are various supplements available now like biotin and other multivitamin tablets that encourage the quick growth of hair. Make sure that you consult with a physician before making any decision related to the supplement. Some medicines also show some side effects, so take a precautionary step before doing this.

How Long Does It Take For Hair Growth?

Hair growth is a long process, so don’t expect the changes in a very less time frame. It takes its own particular time and the natural process takes its own time. Have some patience and keep a check on the hair growth, specifically if you are trying any of the remedies mentioned above. If you keep on using the tips and tricks for hair growth improvement, getting shiny and long hair is not that difficult.


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