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Insiders Secrets for a Lean And Good Body


Spot Reduction’s Fallacy

The belief in spot reduction is the main reason why people over-train their abdominal muscles and neglect other muscle groups. Spot reduction is a belief that fat loss occurs at the level of the muscle being exercised. However, this theory has been repeatedly disproven. Unless your body is already healthy (e.g., 10 – 12 percent for a male or 13 -15% for a woman), you need to maintain a caloric surplus. This can only happen by burning more calories than you consume in a certain period.

The Best Abs Are Those Who Get Proper Rest

Professional bodybuilders include ab exercises daily in their training routines. Many people believe that abdominal exercises are beneficial and can be done every day to achieve the best results. For professional bodybuilders, ab exercises are not part of their routine. They do it as preparation for a competition. For maximum gains, you need enough rest to allow your muscles to heal and recuperate.

Burning calories can be the key to revealing your abdominal muscles

Abdominal exercises are necessary for tightening and toning your abs. But, this will require more effort than regular abs training. Your abs do not make you lose weight because they are only a small part of your muscles. Workouts for your abs should always include exercises for larger muscles like your legs and biceps. You can increase your heart rate by working out larger muscle groups.


The best Abs Workouts can be done at home – without equipment

A staggering amount of money is spent on ab exercise equipment and gadgets – it was over 200 million in the last year. Given the amount of money spent on abdominal development, it seems reasonable to assume that expensive equipment results in six-pack abs. Many experts agree that an ab gadget can be worth the cost if it helps with your ab workouts. Research at American universities shows that equipment and gadgets for ab are no better than free exercises you can do on your own.

Not only six-pack hunters should pay attention to their abs when they go to the gym. A strong core is an integral part of any fitness program.

It’s because a strong foundation is what so many other things depend on – whether it’s good posture to prevent lower back pain from sitting all day at a computer all day or mobility and strength that are required for success in other activities, such as athletics and Zumba.

A strong midriff can help you do better in all other moves in the gym. A strong core is essential for powerhouse lifts such as deadlifts and barbell squats.

The benefits of adding core strengthening exercises to your workout routine and including ab exercises in your gym are almost limitless. Who can complain if you get a six-pack and a great workout?

Coach has compiled a list of favourite moves for beginners, intermediate, and advanced gym-goers to help you make the most of your Equinox training experience.

Hand slide crunch

Place your feet flat on a table and bend your knees. As you sit up, place your hands on your thighs. Slide them slowly towards your knees.

Chamberlain says that this does not need to be a big movement. Chamberlain says to focus on closing the gap between your hips and ribs by raising your shoulders off of the floor and keeping your lower back in contact with the ground.

“Moving your top half up emphasizes your upper abs.” Start with five sets and move on to 15!



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