Navel Displacement: A Common Sports’ Injury You Must Know


Common Sports Injuries You Must Know About

Sports should be a part of everyone’s life. You all are aware of the benefits of sports, right. Participating in sports means living a healthy and active lifestyle. There are numerous benefits of participating in sports. Like good for the heart, good for building muscles, respiration, and maintaining muscle strength. No matter how good the sport’s world is, there are some negative points about it. You know what we’re talking about? Sports injuries.

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There are different types of sport’s injuries that you must be aware of so that you can safely play in the playground and if you get injured, you know possible measures to heal the injury. So, let’s look at the list of injuries listed below.

List Of Common Sports Injuries At Your Glance

What are the common sports injuries? We’ve curated a list of common sports injuries that you must know before you hit the playground.

●      Navel Displacement

Navel displacement is one of the sports injuries that happen when you run in the wrong way. Moreover, it could also happen due to unbalanced jumping, picking heavy objects, a sudden twisting and bending moment. Apart from doing sport’s activities, even if you try to move and lift heavy objects, your navel displaces and is a common problem seen in many people.

●      Knee injuries

Another common sport’s injury is a knee injury. Needless to say, the knee is one of the sensitive and complicated joints in our body. While running, playing cricket, or any sport’s activity you do, unknowingly you end up hurting your knee, right. There is no doubt that knee injury is quite painful, debilitating, and seldom requires surgery to correct. But if you do warm-ups, stretches, and follow good posture, you can greatly reduce the risk of knee injuries.

●      Strains

The most frequently occurring sport’s injury is strain. This injury usually occurs when you exercise or play. Whatever moving activity you do are all susceptible to stretching (if you move in a way you shouldn’t move). There are some common muscles including groin muscle, strained quads, pulled hamstrings. So, the great way to reduce muscle strain is to warm up. However, most strains heal naturally and you need not worry.

●      Fractures

Basketball, football, rugby and other similar games are leading causes of fracture. These kinds of sports’ games cause fractures mostly in the arms, legs, and feet. Indeed, fractures are painful and require more than a week (sometimes a month) to heal. If the fracture is severe and isn’t recovering, then it requires surgery to correct. We can only suggest you be careful while playing such sport’s games that cause fractures.

●      Sprains

Above you read that strains happen to muscles, right. But when it comes to sprains, it happens to ligaments. What ligament is, you ask? In simple words, ligaments are tissues that are responsible for connecting bone to bone. Whenever these ligaments turn the wrong way, they can pull and tear. One of the most common sprains is an ankle sprain. Yes, it’s true that ankle sprain is the most common type of sprain that is mostly seen in athletes. Knee sprain, elbow sprain, and wrist sprain are other common types of sprains.

●      Back Injuries

Without a shadow of a doubt, every sports activity leaves you with back pain and back injury, right. Over a period of time, this stress racks up into inflammation around back muscles and vertebrae. This ultimately causes pain to your lower and upper back. Moreover, back pain varies depending upon the condition. Some back pain requires physical therapy and others require surgery.

●      Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, as the name suggests is an injury that is caused by tennis. Quite easy to guess. Isn’t it? But the fact is that to get a tennis elbow injury, you need not play tennis. Why? It is because golf is another common culprit that can cause tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is basically several “injuries of repetition,” it basically means straining of ligaments in the elbow due to excessive and overuse of one activity. To get rid of this injury, you better pace yourself and take breaks when required. Forget not to warm up and stretch before playing.

So, these are the common sports injuries you just read about. Now that you know about them, make sure to avoid them and play safely. It’s always recommended to warm up before hitting the playground. Also, forget not to wear a protective layer of shields especially made for athletes to prevent from getting injured.


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