Las Vegas is great for visiting in March-May, September-November, and November. Although there are great deals all year, the spring and autumn shoulder seasons offer the best weather. Sin City experiences a lot of tourists in winter, particularly around New Year’s Eve. However, the daytime temperatures can reach 100° during the summer heat.

You should visit Vegas between Tuesday to Thursday regardless of the time you choose to travel. You’ll find more rooms in this popular weekend getaway area, and they are usually cheaper between Tuesday-Thursday.

Las Vegas is host to hundreds of conventions every year. This can increase hotel prices. You can find out the dates and venues of conventions at hotels in Las Vegas by checking the tourist board calendar.


The spring temperatures are in the 70s to 80s here in Las Vegas. It’s important to pack a few light clothes because temperatures drop dramatically after sunsets. Vegas is less crowded during these months which makes it easier for you to find a great hotel at a reasonable cost. You can attend many special events during spring.


Fall is like spring. The summer heat has subsided and visitor numbers have decreased making autumn a wonderful season to visit Las Vegas. The temperatures in September and Oct will be in their 80s and 90s. November will see daily highs in the 60s. This is the beginning of winter cold. To ensure that you have available, it is a good idea to book your vacation ahead of time if you are planning on going to winter.


Vegas in summer is the best time to appreciate air conditioning. You won’t find the Strip crowded in June, July, or August. However, you will be able to get some fresh air if you go in the morning, or at night when temperatures are cooler. While August and July see more rainfall, the showers are often brief-lived. Despite the unpredictable weather, summer is a very popular season to visit Vegas. Expect higher hotel prices and less poolside space.


Winter is a popular time for Sin City because of its milder weather and abundance of holiday activities. Book your flights and hotels at least a month ahead if you are looking to celebrate the New Year in Vegas.

Las Vegas’ Best Attractions

Most likely, your Las Vegas vacation will focus on the Strip’s famed neon lights and famous (albeit kitschy!) attractions. Lady Luck’s casinos will most likely make or break your bank accounts, but there are other attractions near: take a gondola ride at The Venetian, view views from the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Las Vegas, and see the world-famous Bellagio fountain. 

The rest of the city is worth exploring if you can overlook the Las Vegas Boulevard glitz and glamour. Enjoy a culinary tour of the city, the Fremont Street Experience’s light show, the Mob Museum or Neon Museum’s history, or simply stretch your legs at Red Rock Canyon. If time permits, take a quick road trip to Hoover Dam. This may be possible by bus tour or helicopter.

Important Occasions

  1. NASCAR Weekend March
  2. Viva Las Vegas April
  3. Academy of Country Music Awards, April
  4. Vegas Uncorked, April-May
  5. Hell dorado Day (May)


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