New York City is one of the most expensive in the United States, but it offers a lot of free things. Although living in New York and visiting New York may be costly, there are plenty of recreational and entertainment options for adults and kids alike. This is what you can do for free in New York.

1. Bronx Museum of Arts

Visit the Bronx Museum to experience the real-life of artists in the 20th or early 21st centuries. This multicultural museum has over a thousand works of art that span all media. It is more than forty years old, and all are welcome to visit it.

2. Enjoy a Tour of Central Park

This National Historic Landmark is a must-see. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in Central Park, which features exotic castles, zoos, and lakes, hills, and conservatory gardens, as well as stunning art and architecture, leisure tours, and carriage rides. You can also find a variety of free events in the park. On many occasions, you will be able to enjoy live music at the park.

3. Grand Central Terminal is a good stopover.

Grand Central offers more than other metro stations. It is an architectural wonder, well-crafted, and beautifully designed. The station’s main concourse is where the true show-stopper is, with its four-faced brass timepiece and elaborately decorated astronomical ceiling.

4. Rockefeller Centre for Public Art

Rockefeller Centre for Public Art, founded in Manhattan by one the most powerful men in America, is a complex of 19 commercial buildings. It is the landmark of American architectural sculpture history. It has attracted many artists such as Diego Riviera, Lee Laurie, and Paul Man ship.

5. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Praying at St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a beautiful experience. On numerous occasions, Presidents, movie stars, and business giants have been guests at the Cathedral. The marble towers of Gothic Revival engineering are stunningly crafted.

6. Socrates Sculpture Park

The entire space was designed by Mark Di Sivero, an internationally renowned sculptor. This space is open to all artists at any time of the year.

7. National Museum of the American Indian

The Smithsonian Institution’s NMAI is devoted to Native Americans’ history, language, literature, and culture. It contains more than 800000 items and 125000 photographs.

8. New York Public Library

NYC Public library is second in America and fourth worldwide. The library is non-profit and independent and has more than 53 million items. The library is well-known for its free events that include music, dance, and visual art.

9. Brooklyn Academy of Music

BAM Café is open to all from May to September, on selected Friday and Sunday evenings. The musicians perform a variety of musical styles including jazz, world beat, and other experimental music, which keeps the crowd dancing.

10. African Burial Ground

This controversial monument contains the remains of more than 400 slaves of African origin. The surrounding buildings are now tranquillity clocking the site, but the visitors’ room is a visual delight that does an impressive job of telling the story of African-American history in the area.

You might think that living in the Big Apple has a high price, but this is not true. Here are a few other honourable mentions, which did not make it to the list but are still worth visiting: BB Kings Club and Grill (Brooklyn Botanic Garden), Hispanic Society of America Museum (Brooklyn Museum), Brooklyn Museum, American Folk Art Museum and Schomburg Centre for Research in Black Culture.


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