The Amplify Mesh WiFi system is just more than any normal WiFi router. It is the ultimate WiFi mesh system. The mesh system can itself be configured with the help of the high range antenna that can cover the entire house with its wireless signal range. It is designed in such a way that helps to meet the demands of the modern wireless connected home. Also, you can stay informed about its speed issues with the help of its app. You can place your WiFi mesh system in any room of your house and get good signal strength even when you are out of your house.

You can easily install the Amplify Mesh WiFi system in your home and can be confident about doing any work without getting buffered and lagged. Also, it helps to eliminate the dead spots by reaching every corner of your house. You can easily compare your mesh system with any other system, it is the best WiFi mesh system ever.

Ideal Features of the Amplify Mesh WiFi system 

The Amplify Mesh WiFi system is the process of connecting and configuring all of your connected devices. It can also connect to your existing routers and extenders. It offers you the simplest way to monitor, configure or add your network connection. You can receive information and get a device summary of your wireless network.

Stable Dual-Band connectivity

It provides a stable range of dual connectivity to the users. The WiFi system is capable of transmitting and receiving the data. It can use both frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for better internet connectivity. It can also switch the mesh system as per its requirement or need. You must need credential details so the users can easily connect to the bands.

Extended WiFi coverage

The amplifi mesh WiFi system helps to extend the WiFi coverage. You just need to install the WiFi range router with the WiFi mesh extender and get the best internet connectivity so far. You do not need to buy a new router; it can also work with the old or existing routers with the help of a physical Ethernet cable.

Eliminates WiFi dead zones

It helps to eliminate the dead zones by covering hard-to-reach areas of your house. The amplifi mesh system can also connect more than ten devices at the same time and still provide a stable and reliable internet connection. If you get any issues while accessing the system, perform the reset operation to get a better experience.

Easy Set up

The setup of the mesh system is very easy and simple. You can set up the system within a few minutes or can take help from the manual guide for detailed help. In the manual, each and every step of the installation of the system is discussed deeply. Also, you can use the amplifi.lan web interface to perform the configuration step. Just follow the on-screen instructions and be ready to go.

Security Protocols

It follows the security protocols like WPA/WPA2 to protect the system from hacking and internet threats. You can also install the firewall for the protection of the internet connection. Use the strong password while creating your amplifi account.

Increase signal reliability

Also, the mesh WiFi system can increase the WiFi signal strength. Move your WiFi mesh system to the wireless router. So you can get a stable internet connection if you are far from the device.

Easy installation of Amplify WiFi mesh system

The mesh WiFi system should be placed in different directions between the router and the connected device. You can also create a home guest network for the visit of families and friends and provide them remote access to your local network with the help of a VPN app. From this, you can also control your family’s screen with the help of a whole mesh WiFi system.

Firstly, connect your WiFi mesh system to a power source outlet and wait until the LED lights of the router start blinking. The three LEDs will start blinking when the router comes into the connection of the WiFi mesh system. For the successful amplifi wifi setup, open the amplify app and follow the router’s instructions. Also, turn on your Bluetooth on your mobile device. 

Setup with the Amplify router

Your whole-home WiFi router is ready to use when you open the mesh point app on your mobile device and tap on the option of add-on network when it displays on your mobile screens. You can also edit the name of the mesh point if you want to change it and press the continue button. Now, wait for some time until the LED status of the mesh point flashes the signal light from the router. The mobile screen will display that you are successfully connected to your mesh point network.

Setup Mesh WiFi connection with the third party router

Open the mesh point app on your mobile device and select the device from the listed options that you want to be configured. Now the app will display wireless networks list and select your network connection with the wireless router. Now enter the password details and username too and tap on the continue button for the next step.

The Whole WiFi mesh system plays an audible tone that indicates the successful connection with the mesh system and the setup configured successfully. Within a minute the LED of the router flashes the strong signal strength which means the mesh point is connected to the router successfully.


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