Covid has made a difference in the world. This virus has been a constant threat for the past year. It caused a complete lockdown that changed both our social and work culture. We have also seen dramatic changes in our economy, education, and health. It was impossible to imagine such a situation. But we now have to work together to stop it.

It’s easy to say, “Stay home and be safe”, but it’s difficult to do. Everything seems normal when you look at it from the top. Online education is becoming more popular, while the corporate sector continues to work from home.

We are all stuck in our homes, unable to go outside and socialize with friends and family. This worldwide pandemic has made us all anxious about our finances, our health, and our mental well-being.

This can lead to mental health issues that make it very difficult to maintain mindfulness and pursue hobbies.

Here are 5 ways to combat covid anxiety

1. Reduce screen time

All of us are glued to our smartphones 24×7, which can lead to serious health problems. Reducing our screen time is crucial. Exercise, meditation, or listening to music are all possible.

2. Social media should be stopped

News channels and social media are full of negative news and people’s suffering. Negativity is everywhere. Although news and other information is the best way to stay up to date on the situation, it’s okay to take breaks. Social media detox is vital. Our brain needs to take a break from processing large amounts of information. This will reduce anxiety.

3. Self Management

It can be done in many ways: meditation, exercise, and deep breaths.

4. Talk to your friends

Although we all know that it is impossible to go out and have fun with friends, it is possible to connect with them by calling or video calling them to check on them. Sometimes it is easier to talk to those closest to them during anxious times. Don’t keep your emotions and worries locked up. Asking about the circumstances of your friend or loved one is an important step. We can share our feelings and thoughts so that we know we are not the only ones.

5. Unwind

Listen to your favourite music, make your favourite dish, and practice your old hobbies. You will love the experience of cooking your favourite meal at your favourite restaurant. You deserve a break from your busy schedule.

All of us are receiving many guides via our social media accounts and other sources. Remember to take care of your mental health. This is a time of great stress for both your body and mind. The pandemic has made us all feel anxious. It can be difficult to cope with this, but try to stay positive. Many mental health agencies are willing to assist you and find you the right therapists.

Mental illness is serious and should not be ignored. To heal this, it is crucial to seek professional assistance. They are experienced and well-educated in this field. They can understand your situation so don’t hesitate in having a session. To begin with, just talk to them. Then, let’s get into the details.


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