The construction industry has a lot of data. And it is a big task for construction contractors to delve deep into it to pull out the relevant data and analyse it to make smart decisions that pave way for better business decisions.

With business technologies spreading across multiple spectrums and younger professionals arrive into the construction sector, you will witness more contractors gathering the relevant data for better intelligent business decisions. Business intelligence is all about collecting data generated through construction management and project management software and later analysing them to churn out intelligent business decisions.

Despite the construction sector is one of the last industries to adopt business intelligence and technology solutions, it has reaped the best results in a short span. A few among pluses of business intelligence in construction industry are:

  • It helps to detect areas where increased project efficiencies and productivity can be achieved
  • It enhances the ability to more accurately bid and scale for future projects
  • It ensures the right spotting of frequent problems on projects and helps to develop strategies to resolve them

Business Intelligence Streamlines And Simplifies Construction Data

 Business intelligence has now become one of the major ingredients in multiple industries, especially the manufacturing sector where it helps to stay on top of all data points. With the support of business intelligence, construction contraction can self-analyse and recognize where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Also, when there is a large volume of data, the construction company will require solutions that can handle the influx of information and present it in a way that end-users won’t be confused or frustrated.

When an organization utilizes solutions such as Viewpoint’s Spectrum Business Intelligence and integrates into the larger Spectrum construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, the construction contractors can comfortably make use of the cloud to gather and parse data in virtually any format they need.

Business Intelligence Opens Endless Opportunities 

The larger your construction organization is, the larger the volume of your data will be. And naturally, the higher will be the potential for unplanned costs and risks. However, the higher risk also brings in more potential for improved efficiency and savings that can ultimately enhance the profit margin which was otherwise very thin.

Utilizing cloud-based integrated construction software and mobile applications, you can update the data in real-time. This is one of the major benefits of business intelligence in the construction industry. Such technologies permit you to see the multiple aspects of a construction project from any device, creating collaborative working environments for all construction professionals, irrespective of where they work. However, it is their ability to analyse data to make swift decisions that matters.

In the construction sector, about 35 percent of costs are generated by material waste and remedial work. This makes cost management highly crucial. When you implement business intelligence in the construction industry, it paves way for better cost curbing by better managing and anticipating labour, inventory, project costs, and more in every process from bidding to building.

Also, business intelligence helps to analyse data in other projects and understand where it failed so that those mistakes will not be repeated in the current project.

While you speak about planning, business intelligence is crucial in analysing and predicting what will be needed for future projects to be successful. With this, contractors can successfully chase and bid for the right projects that will give the best potential for successful bottom lines.

Business intelligence in the construction industry is highly crucial as well as beneficial. It helps companies recognize the vital data and make accurate decisions that will enhance the profit and face the risks of the future.


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