Owning real estate has been historically one of the best ways to mitigate the effects of inflation. However, it is essential to recognize and accept that there are seldom any guarantees in the short term. These markets are subject to up and down periods. There has been and will continue to be significant asset growth in some years. However, these values can and will decrease temporarily.

The current real estate market is a Sellers’s Market. We see house prices rising significantly and more buyers than available houses. Also, the economic effects of Supply and Demand are evident. Combine this with the recent, horrendous pandemic, as well as other living challenges and uncertainties, as well as a near-record, extended period of historically low-interest rates, and it has created what many believe is a potentially overheated market. With that in mind, the following article will briefly review, discuss, and examine

Five factors that could affect real estate, particularly in the short term.

1.Interest rates before the pandemic, Federal Reserve Bank had been emphasizing, encouraging the economy through very low-interest rates. Upon the outbreak of the public health crisis, the Federal Reserve Bank felt the need to do all they could to help the economy survive. Today’s mortgage rate has been near or at historic lows for quite some time. It appears that this trend will continue. A low mortgage rate can lead to higher home prices. This is because potential buyers who are qualified can purchase more houses for their -moneys Bucks It’s possible!

2.Inventory/ Supply & Demands’ At the moment, there is a meagre supply of houses available for sale. This means that inventory is minimal. Due to the economic laws of supply and demand, prices rise because there are more potential buyers than houses for sale. What will happen to this trend?

3.What buyers are looking for/ personal taste buyers preferences and tastes change with time. So, the most likely future is going to be different from what you are currently looking for.

4.How long will the prices keep increasing? This is what it looks like: What will the price of real estate continue to go up for? How long and how much longer? Is it going to become more difficult to get mortgages? Lending institutions will be more concerned about the real estate value, as well as assessments. When will buyers resist these increases? Potential purchases are seen as too expensive. What impact will this have on pricing and demand if interest rates go up, somewhat as they most likely will?

5.Intensifying building supplies the past few months, and it has been estimated that the average cost for building supplies has increased to $35,000 for new homes. New homes will likely cost more. Is this going to lead eventually to a slow down? Or, when will these running-away costs become more manageable again?

It is impossible to predict what the future holds, so it is essential to be aware of potential risks and be as prepared as possible. It would be best if you considered housing as a long-term financial asset. Avoid trying to sell it or speculate.


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