Top Five Companies In The Drone Package Delivery Industry


Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Flying Mini Robots or Miniature Pilotless Aircraft, are gaining immense popularity. Despite being the new addition to the technology, they are being taken up by multiple projects such as Military, Delivery, Emergency rescue, Agriculture, Wildlife and Historic Conversation, Photography, and many more.

But the demand for drones has expanded in the delivery industry more than any industry as the primary aim of including drones is fast delivery. Most companies in the USA have already included drone delivery services and the rest are on the same path. In 2019, the global drone delivery market size was USD 520.0 million which is anticipated to cross USD 9.51 billion by 2027.


Considering the rising demand for drones in the delivery industry, more and more robotic companies are investing in drone delivery. Here is the list of the top five drone package companies in the USA which are successfully helping commercial companies to deliver products on time at ease.


Founded in 2014, Zipline is one of the largest Robotics Companies in USA, that focuses on delivering life-saving products. The company has successfully completed nearly 1 million commercial deliveries and is looking forward to more in the coming days. The company takes pride in helping the country in delivering the medication, vaccine, and other required equipment to the healthcare centers. The Zipline drone flies at a speed up to 100 km per hour and the route and the speed can be modified via a tablet application.


Wing, another commercial drone delivery company in the USA, was launched in 2012. It is designed for delivering small packages, approximately weighs 3.3 pounds or less. Partnered with FedEx and Walgreens, and other local businesses, the demand for Wing increased during the pandemic, when nearly the whole universe was staying at home and ordering everything online.

UPS Flight Forward

UPS Flight forward is the first to get US Government full certification to operate a drone airline. In 2019, the company joined hands with Matternet, an autonomous drone logistics platform, to deliver medical supplies. Since then, the company has played a huge role in delivering medicines and other medical supplies to different parts of the US, from CVS pharmacy to villages, home to 135,000 residents.


Coming to the next commercial drone delivery company, which is none other than Flytrex. The company offers end-to-end delivery services using automated drones to help retailers, eCommerce markets, restaurants, and other online delivery companies. It can carry packages weighing up to 6.6 pounds and is capable of flying 6.2 miles in one go.

DHL Parcelcopter

DHL Parcelcopter can carry up to 4.4 pounds and travels at the speed of 43 miles per hour. It made its first flight carrying a 1 kg parcel from the east bank of the Rhine River in Germany to DHL’s corporate headquarters on the west bank. Since then, the drone has flown 1360 miles with roughly 2000 flight minutes.


Based in Germany, Wing copter provides services for the commercial and humanitarian industries. The commercial drone delivery company, Wing copter, has delivery options for postal services, retailers, and eCommerce platforms. Wing copter is the largest manufacturer of drones and has now operated commercially in the international market. Today, the company is preparing to enter the US for FAA operational certification and drone production.

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air is expected (under testing/trial) to deliver packages up to 5 pounds in 30 minutes. Drones, from Amazon, have been under testing through Prime Air Development Centers in the US, UK, Austria, France, and Israel. Although, in 2020, Amazon receives the approval from the FAA to operate the Prime Air for the delivery drone to ‘Safely and Efficiently’ deliver packages to customers.


Flirtey is one of the commercial drone delivery companies that work with every small and autonomous drone that covers up to 10 miles. The drone is built with all safety measures such as auto return to home, low battery landing on safe location, proper safety in the case of losing GPS signals or communication, etc. The first delivery of Flirtey was a legal parcel in the USA and since then it has been helping several companies in making successful timely delivery.

Wrap Up!

With the advent of the drone delivery facility, businesses are enjoying a seamless delivery process. ECommerce businesses, restaurants, and pharmaceutical companies are now able to deliver on-time products to the customers that enhance businesses and customers’ experiences. Flying Mini Robots As per the reports, the future of commercial drone delivery services is bright and full of opportunities as drone package deliveries are reliable, fast, and safe.


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