Top Sports Activities In Goa


Scuba diving In Malvan

Scuba Diving is mostly done in Malvan beaches especially in Devbagh and Tarkarli and most of the people flock around Devbagh as it is famous for taking the tourists much deep inside the ocean to get the real experience of it. Now Scuba diving involves taking a person into the sea along with an oxygen can so that you can stay inside for a longer time and enjoy the sea in another view that is from the water itself. Initially you will be taken on a small boat that reaches you to the place where the larger boat is floating and from there you are supposed to dive into the water. The pricing here in Devbagh, Malvan ranges from ₹800 to ₹1500 per person. But it is worth spending and Scuba diving here as you can see many corals, fishes especially the jellyfish etc which frequently hit you as you dive in! So plan an itinerary to Malvan and enjoy Scuba diving. 

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Dudhsagar waterfall Trek

The literal meaning of Dudhsagar is the Sea of Milk resembling the purity of water here with crystal clear flow. This waterfall is 60 kilometers away from Panaji on the route of Madgaon – Belgaum railway route. This is one of India’s tallest waterfalls that is located in Goa. Most of the tourists who prefer the popular sites of Goa miss out Dudhsagar waterfall, which is also equally fascinating to explore. Now you can also plan a trek to the Dudhsagar waterfall, which is rare to do in Goa. You can start your trek from Cola railway station to the waterfalls, which is a unique kilometers trek that can be completed. In the midst of the trek you can find mini waterfalls that give a glimpse of the actual waterfall that you will reach. And after you reach there are the majestic waterfalls surrounded by lush green hills that would create a splendid atmosphere in your day. 

Visit to Basilica of Bom Jesus 

Basilica church, the Roman Catholic church, is one of the most popular destinations of Goa because of two major reasons. One that it is recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site conferring the highest conservation status to this place. Another reason is that it hosts the remains of St Xavier, which was preserved for around 450 years. And besides this, the majestic architecture constructed by the Portuguese in the 17th century makes the tourists visit this place again and again. The wood furnishings, which are gold-plated, in this church are imported from Myanmar and took 11 years to complete the whole construction of this church. You can have an immense calmness after you visit this place because of the spiritual serenity and the ambiance of the church. Though the highest footfall may distract the calmness, the place is worth visiting in Goa and buying some of the unique chains made of wood so as to preserve them for lifelong. 

Lila Cafe and The Upper House 

If you ask any of the Goan tourists about the best restaurants for breakfast, you might surely get the answer as Lila Cafe. Now Lila Cafe is located in Anjuna in North Goa that serves some of the best breakfasts in Goa. Early in the morning a stomach full of delicious meals is a great thing to grab on. The famous dishes here can be Cheese and Mushroom Omelet, Water Buffalo Ham Croissants, Scrambled eggs, Chicken Sausages, Fried Beacon, Extra breads, anc many more delicious foods. Now that you are done with the breakfast you would surely want to tour Goa. But once you are done, your stomach again craves for a nice meal and this you can do in The Upper House located in Panaji. So you can have some of the Goan cuisines here like Fish Curry rice, Prawn Samarachi Kodi, Fish Recheado Fried with Caramel Custard etc. So if you are looking for some authentic home food of Goa, make sure you are here and have a delicious lunch.  

Flyboarding in Goa

In Goa everything is in the sea and indulging in water sports in Goa is a must to do activities. Flyboarding is one such activity that you cannot miss and in Goa you can find this activity in most of the popular beaches like Vagator, Candolim etc. Now flyboarding as it looks is that easy to do but it is not impossible to make it. An advantage of this is that irrespective of whether you know the swimming or not you can sail through this activity. So try out this adventurous game and bag some thrilling memories in your life. 

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