What Is A Laser Coding System?


Laser coding system primarily involves the practical application of laser marking techniques such as engraving, ablation, etching, etc. with the only intention of inscribing codes on a particular object. With the advancement of technology, the laser coding system has produced permanent markings and accuracy in its functions.

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The advent of laser coding technology has provided high-standard quality of coding the different sets of objects. The laser systems have proved to be great for the permanent coding of time and date, bar codes, text, and serial numbers. In fact, this type of technology is an ideal option for a coding alternative where the continuous inkjet systems are not based on practical.

How does a Laser coding system work?

There are mainly two types of laser-based marking in the laser coding system that is dot matrix and vector marking.

  • Dot Matrix marking:- The images which have been generated by this concept possess lower resolution in their attributes. With the help of dot-matrix marking, the methods of marking are better. Codes that have been produced by this concept are made by a laser that goes through a spinning polygon and after that passes the laser beam to a water-cooled dump.
  • Vector marking:- Vector marking is usually a concept that produces codes of standard quality. Moreover, when you are working with it you have to sacrifice your energy efficiency and speed for coding purposes. It involves the formation of graphics using a focusing lens and two rotating mirrors. The lens is particularly turned on and off, and the beam gradually forms the image.

What are the essential advantages of a Laser coding system?

If you compare the process of laser coding along with the previous methods applied before, you will observe something unique about its nature. On account of this special thing, it makes most people prefer the system of laser coding. So, below has been described some of its essential advantages. Let us have a quick glimpse of it in detail.

  1. Ease of functioning:-The machines which have been practically utilized for the purpose of laser coding are convenient and easier to function or operate as compared to other methods. For illustration, technology has enabled manufacturers to curtail the size of laser marking machines. So, we have now portable laser machines which are capable industrially and also being easier to mark and carry about.
  2. High-quality and permanent markings:- The process of laser coding has brought about standard quality and permanent markings. So, most of the industries, for illustration, the food, and automotive industries used it primarily for the entries of digital data and permanent coding. The markings are apt for coding as they do not need contrast for visibility.
  3. Compatible enough with a diverse range of materials:- The laser coding machines are even compatible enough because of their well-diversified range of materials. This has added a versatile approach to the coding solution. Presently, they are considered appropriate to inscribe codes printed cardboard painted metal, ABS, paper labels, glass, etc.
  4. Boosts the efficiency and capability of the coding system:- The laser coders also possess some technical benefits. With the help of a coding system, for example, there is a variable dot-matrix coding size and density, it is adjustable and contains a programmable pixel size, etc. On account of the efficiency of a coding system, you can easily print code in 90 degrees of the direction of movement. You can even code on moving or stationary packages.
  5. Provides effective maintenance of laser coding machines:- Not like the CIJ system, laser coders are easier to operate or function and it does not require any high cost or maintenance. For illustration, unlike the CIJ print systems, there are no chances of splashing or ink leaks.
  6. Easier integration:-  Laser coders get easily integrated into assembly lines. This primarily requires the cost and effective maintenance of integrating the laser coding system. When it is compared to other methods such as the CIJ system, laser coding requires a fewer cost of operation. This is due to the absence of low maintenance and consumable cost as evident in the CIJ system.

Key points to be taken away:-

Hope you have understood in detail concerning the advantages of coding systems and their functions in the modern era of digital technology. Still, if you find it complicated to comprehend then send us an email we will get you soon as early as possible.


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