What is Virtual Healthcare, and how can you book a doctor’s appointment from home? 


Summary: Wondering what virtual healthcare is and how to go for it? Here are your answers!

Virtual doctor appointment booking has become a common term and even more common practice in the past couple of years. But what exactly is virtual healthcare? How do you access it at home? And should you get on this virtual bandwagon as well? Understandably, you have questions in this regard. So, read on to find all the answers to your questions.

What exactly is virtual health care?

Virtual healthcare is the term used to refer to virtual interactions that happen between clinicians and patients through communication technology. It is about the audio and video connectivity that makes virtual meetings possible from basically any location in real-time.

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Virtual visits can mean a videoconference between a patient and a doctor at home. Also, it can mean that patients can interact with offsite medical specialists through high-definition conference setups at their location, rather than going to another city. Moreover, it can offer a chance to patients to easily find high-quality second opinions through the internet.

Until now, online doctor appointment booking has mainly been used for status reports, check-ins, consultations, and meetings, instead of in-depth treatments or diagnoses. Even then, with the evolution of technology, treatment of serious health problems like diabetes also falls under the realm of virtual healthcare.

Virtual healthcare also lets patients closely monitor procedures or situations from various remote locations. Also, patient monitoring right at home is known to be helpful in the treatment of patients with chronic health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. In such cases, the reason for rehospitalization is usually a lack of transparency or communication about the health condition of the patient.

Is there a difference between telehealth and virtual health care?

Almost like remote management of patients, virtual healthcare is the synonym of telemedicine or telehealth. But these are not all the same thing. Virtual healthcare is a part of telehealth, which is a broad term that encompasses everything about technology-driven and/or remote healthcare.

Experts believe that there is some amount of evolution that takes place in naming various types of technology. As such, telehealth refers to a broader category of different solutions that help patients from a distance. It can be the management of a chronic health condition, virtual interactions with a doctor, or dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. All of these are done through remote doctor consultations in India nowadays.

The technology used for telehealth can be a telephone, an IVR system, or a video conferencing device. It tends to encompass various types of technologies, but the idea is that you are using such technologies to exchange and gather information.

The fact that the terms get confused so often shows how crucial virtual healthcare is to the delivery of telehealth. Demand is rising to avoid the expenses and time spent in going to and from doctor’s offices or clinics. In rural areas, it is difficult to find practitioners and physicians. Doing away with the hassle of transportation is not only convenient but also ensures easier access for the people unable to reach.

How can you get a doctor’s appointment booked at home? 

Getting online doctor consultation in India at home is pretty easy, which explains why more people are getting drawn to it by the day. Here are the basic steps to get doctor appointment booking at home.

Step 1: Choose a platform for your online booking

Select a reliable platform like Bajaj FinServ Health to book your virtual appointments with a doctor.

Step 2: Register yourself on the platform

Fill up a simple form with your personal information to register yourself and create your profile on the platform.

Step 3: Select the specialty and the doctor

Choose the specialty you are looking for. Then, book a doctor as per your location and preference.

Step 4: Book an appointment as per your convenient slot

You will find slots for a virtual consultation with any doctor. So, choose a convenient slot and book your doctor’s appointment.


And that’s all! Your knowledge about virtual healthcare is now updated for you to go and take advantage of it right away.


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